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Kuriza's Empire





December 24, Age 762 (unofficially)




Northern and western territories

Main Members:

Icer's Empire
Yuki's Empire
Haimaru's Empire


Kuriza's Empire is a portion of the Planet Trade Organization that is ruled by Kuriza, the son of Frieza. Following his father's disappearance on Namek in Age 762, Kuriza was unofficially put in charge of his father's planets. However, it wasn't until his father, King Cold, and Cooler all died on Earth over the next four years that he was officially given control of his father's old planets. Soon after Cooler's death, the Planet Trade Organization civil broke out. Kuriza was one of the major players in that war, even annexing Yuki's Empire for a short while before he was forced to surrender to his grand uncle Icer. Thereafter, as a prince, he ruled a portion of the Planet Trade Organization that consisted of most of the planets his father had once ruled over.

History[edit | edit source]

Kuriza's Empire formed shortly after news of his father's disappearance on Namek. However, he did not actively control a large portion of space until Cooler left for Earth in Age 765. Once Cooler died there, Kuriza took over all of the planets his father had previous ruled over.

Known members[edit | edit source]

Subjugated species[edit | edit source]

Planets controlled[edit | edit source]

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