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00 - Kurisu


Kurisu - Series 1 Villain

Kanji for Kurisu

Kurisu is a fictional character created by DaveyG1986 for the FanFic Dragonball Omega.

Name: Kurisu

Race: Rookian

Year of Birth: Unknown

First Appearance: Dragonball Omega Chapter 4

Family: None


Pre-Dragonball Omega[]

Kurisu is a Rookian from the planet Rook, in the Southern Galaxy. He is a criminal on his homeworld. He fled his sentancing to Earth where he hopes to build his own empire.

340th Tenkaichi Budokai Saga[]

Kurisu is the first major villain of Dragonball Omega. Deivii and Maiku encounter him at the 340th Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament.

Kurisu enters the tournament to defeat Earths greatest fighters to make his conquest easier.