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Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Deadman Krypes, Kypes the Bandit
Birthplace: Djogon
Power level: ???
Homeworld: Djogon
Species: Djogonion
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 201 lbs.
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Black
Rank: Chief (Djogonion space bandits)
Brother(s): Drakk
Personal Weapons Systems
Heavy Energy Attacks: Djuggernaut Bomb
Chronological & Political Information
Allies: Djogonion space bandits
Enemies: Claymore Onin (Zallad), Anyone who opposes him.

Krypes is a fan-made villain in the Dragonball series, the leader of the Djogonion space bandits and elder brother of Drakk, the first victom of "Claymore Onin". He is the first major villain to attack Earth after Goku's departure at the end of Dragonball Z.


Krypes is a muscular Djogonion with pale, greyish skin and a mohawk of green hair.

He is very cold hearted and sinister, traits not uncommon among Dragonball villains.


Early Life[]

Krypes and his brother, Drakk, were born on Planet Djogon and became outlaws at an early age. Together, they formed a band of space bandits and committed several crimes on Djogon as well as on other nearby planets. Not much else is known about their past.

Drakk is Captured[]

One day, Krypes received word that Drakk had been captured and executed and that a stranger named "Onin" had turned him in. Enraged, Krypes set off across the galaxy to find and kill the one who had captured his brother.