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Frieza, A Kryor

Kryor is the race of frieza, an extremely powerful race that holds its power in many different forms, each form more powerful than the last, Most Krior have 3-4 forms, although some have been known to have up to 7, such as Stasor, the last emporer of the Kryor


The Kryor were born on the icy planet, Planet Ice, and were ruled by Emporer Stasor. their race were massively powerful due to the "Kryostone" at the centre of their planet, which allowed them to gain huge strength and control over their energy. Although they were never able to leave their planet, due to the inpenetrable atmosphere that trapped them there, that was, until a meteorite hit their planet, annihilating the majority of their race, all of them bar Chilled and his wife Maltiempo, and their descendants. their extreme power allowed them to conquer much of the universe without the help of the rest of their race.

Known KryorEdit




King Cold