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Krillin is the main protagonist in A Front. He relocates to the city with Andrid 18 after she decides that her daughter should live a more normal life. Over time, Krillin grows very bored with this and decides that he should become a superhero.


For more information on Krillin's backstory, see Krillin.

AF Story[]

Krillin is the primary character in AF. Throughout the story, he faces a number of foes, including David and the FurryBots. Due to his strong moral code, he is unable to kill them due to the fact that humans are linked up to each furrybot. This presents a number of challenges to Krillin as he tries to stop David's evil plans, all of which he is ultimately unaware of.


Krillin is a kind, moral character. While he may not be the most educated man, he is nevertheless very cunning and clever when oppurtunity serves itself. He has a strong sense of duty, but he is sometimes forced to let others do fighting for him because he is not quite strong enough to take them on. Although it is rarely shown, he has something of an inferiority complex which prevents him from being effective at times.


Krillin is one of the most powerful humans to ever exist. Even though he is weak compared to Saiyans and some Namekians, Krillin is perhaps the second strongest human, second to only Tien. He utilizes the Turtle fighting style, which was taught to him by Master Roshi. His primary attacks include the Kamehameha, Destructo Disk, and Solar Flare technique.


KaiMan is a dual personality Krillin takes on during A Front. It is a front that Krillin uses to deal with the extraordinarily boring life as a cubicle worker which Krillin leads. His primary motives are to fight crime as a superhero, and as such he starts out fighting petty crime. Over time, he gets involved in trying to fight a global crime which he is wholly unprepared for.