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Kotarota is son of Pan and Tekka and great-grandfather of Goku jr. He was born in age 806, and at the age of three he start training in Krillin's Turtle School, with his best friend, Koto. Later he became student of Ryuu. Later he became boyfriend of Felicia.


Kotarota reminds his gradfather Gohan, except that he is interest about martial arts at young age. 
Kid kotarota

Kid Kotarota

As a kid he was at first daring and arrogant and that's why he defy his parents, and try daring deeds sometimes, but later he became more calm and start to to learn how to take care of himself, and to respect his parents and master, Ryuu. He's anyway good-natured, and loves his friends and family more than anything, and do anything to protect them. He also likes eating, especially his mother's cooking. Like his parents, Kotarota loves martial arts and adventures and his dream is became best fighter in universe, like his great-grandfather, Goku


Flight: The ability to fly with the use of ki.

Ki-B​last: The most basic form of energy wave.

Masenko: A quick blast fired with one open hand directly in front of the other. Kotarota learns this move from his mother.

Kamehameha: Kotarota leans this move to his parents.

Super Kamehameha: More powerful version of Kamehameha.

Family Kamehameha: Kotarota fires Kamehameha at same time with his parents.

Dynamite Kick: Move with powerful kicks. Kotarota learns thi move from his father.

Muscle Blast: Kotarota's version of his mother's Maiden Rage, learned from his father.

Meteor Crash: A common yet powerful melee rush.

Forms and transformation:Edit

Red Blazing Aura: Kotarota learned that technique, when he terminate his rage, when bully br
Super kotarota
oke his favorite pencil. When Kotarota use this technique, his power will double, and he will be much faster.

Super Saiyan: Like other saiyan hybrids, Kotarota can also turn into Super Saiyan. Kotarota learned this form when he was training with Majuub.

Super Saiyan 2: The characteristics are similar to Super Saiyan, except the hair becomes spikier, and blue lightning surrounds the entire body along with the golden aura. Kotarota learned this form when gets angry after Android 22 kills his mother.

Potential Unleashed: Kotarota got this form when Wukong unlock his hidden powers.

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