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"An ape like you could never challenge the Empress! You would be vaporized immediately."
Kirka, scoffing at Ledas' wish to duel Yuki

character image
キルカ, Kiruka
Detailed Information:
Appearances: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Hidden Memories of Chaiva

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

The Big Ugly

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance

Species: Ocaran
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Zhgeji Hole, Zryggheympe
Birthdate: October 22, Age 703
Date of Death: September 2, Age 774
Birth Power Level: 143
Maximum Power Level: 2000
Personal Pronouns: わたし
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 83.1 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Rank: Advisor to Empress Yuki
Organizations: Nitro's Empire (Age 703 - Age 766)
Yuki's Empire (Age 766 - Age 777)
Favorite Food: Demon's Eye*
Favorite Vehicle: Space Pod
Hobbies: Playing space chess, watching space soap operas

Kirka (キルカ, Kiruka) is an Ocaran in Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance. He is introduced in the chapter "The Empire Strikes Back". He is also featured as a minor point-of-view character in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization.



Kirka is a small, dark, imp-like creature. He has tall ears and four yellow eyes. His arms and fingers are quite long and thin, something which his masters never liked. Kirka wears the standard Planet Trade Organization armor, including leg and crotch guards. His armor is black with a purple trim. It was rarely damaged, because he rarely fought, so he kept the same armor set throughout his entire life. Kirka's scouter is purple.


Kirka is incredibly loyal to Yuki, and he placed her priorities above all else. He has a knack for combat strategy, but still yields considerable vantage to Yuki. Under Nitro, he served in much the same way, but Nitro was far more lenient with him, letting Kirka develop more of a brash personality. He never finds it well-advised to torture or humiliate the lackeys under him. As such, he gained the respect of most soldiers, even though Kirka himself did little on the battlefield. Under Yuki, he is much meeker due to her dominant personality. Though this fact is not brought up in or relevant to Cold Vengeance, Kirka is bisexual.


The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume I[]

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Hidden Memories of Chaiva[]

In chapter 4, after Chaiva beat Hikain, she was returned to her holding cell. Sowrspot and her guards approached the Saiyan. With them were Nitro and Kirka. Drunkenly, Sowrspot praised Chaiva and told her that she had found a buyer for the Saiyan. Chaiva remembered Nitro. Furiously, she got to her feet, telling the emperor that she knew who he was. He was most pleased that word of him had made it to Tuhak Ecli. Kirka seemed less taken by that notion, for she was a Saiyans, and Saiyans had lived in the Planet Trade Organization, so they should have been aware of the members of the royal family.

Chaiva was about to blame Nitro for killing Kailon when Sowrspot shouted her down. The Faerin apologized to Nitro for Chaiva's insolence. She recommended that he keep the collar on her so that she could be kept in line. Nitro thought there would be no need, for he would teach Chaiva proper manners soon enough. Sowrspot mentioned that since the Saiyan homeworld had been destroyed not long ago, Chaiva was likely one of the last members of her species left in the universe. She was a very valuable warrior. Kirka noted that Sowrspot was only selling her now because if Chaiva did another year in the Premier League, there was a good chance she would die, spoiling Sowrspot's profits.

Nitro told his advisor to shut up. Sowrspot tried to lay on the charm, but Nitro wasn't having it. She offered to sell Chaiva for ₩3,000,000. Nitro considered that an unreasonable offer. Sowrspot refused to budge on her price, for Chaiva was a Premier League champion and a member of an endangered warrior species. Insulted, Nitro retracted his offer of ₩500,000. When Kirka tried to step in, Nitro warned him against speaking again, lest he be left as a burnt mark on the floor. Looking up, Nitro's eyes glowed red. He fired eye beams at Sowrspot and her guards, decapitating them in an instant.

Suddenly, the lights went red and an alarm sounded. Nitro busted Chaiva out of her cell with an energy beam, then demanded she swear fealty to him, lest she end up like the Faereth. Chaiva realized that Nitro didn't recognize her. She gave him her loyalty unwillingly. Nitro ripped off her collar and welcomed her into his empire. Then, he blew a hole in the ceiling and flew out in. In the distance, security bots approached them. Kirka gave her a look before following his emperor. Chaiva stood there for a moment, watching the bots get closer, and then followed them out.

In chapter 6, Nitro and Kirka were in the imperial palace on Planet Nitro 001. His advisor told Nitro that it would be unwise for him to slight his father. Nitro agreed to obey his father for now, but stated that after King Cold's death, he would not bow down to either of his older brothers. Nroop entered the throne room and told Nitro that the project he had been tasked with had been completed. The doctor took him back to his lab so that he could see how Yuki turned out. Kirka eyed Nroop suspiciously as the two exited. Near the end of the chapter, Nroop told Chaiva that Kirka, Nitro, and Fassfu were terrible people, but would do no good to slander them in public.

In chapter 7, when Chaiva went to see Nitro, she passed many of his guards and soldiers, including Kirka, in the palace. Thinking to herself that Kirka would know where Nitro was, she followed him into a room. Her scouter informed her that a very high power level was inside that room with the Ocaran, so she assumed it was Nitro. She could not make out what the two were discussing, so she waited outside until Kirka left. When he did, he complained of the draftiness, saying to himself that he would need to talk to Captain Tayon about that.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume III[]

The Big Ugly[]

In this story, Kirka went to Lipanto with Yuki and many of her senior governors to attend the coronation of Icer. He got her a plate of food, but otherwise spent his time away from Yuki, socializing with a female Sobren governor from Icer's region throughout the story. Near the end of the story, Yuki noticed that the Sobren was no longer talking to Kirka.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume IV[]

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance[]

In chapter 1, Kirka advised Yuki prior to her invasion of Typhon, noting that, following their war against the Corvos League, Yuki's Empire had only 1243 soldiers to accompany her during the invasion of the planet. Later, he, along with the rest of Yuki's forces, entered the solar system containing Typhon.

In chapter 2, Yuki and the rest of her forces invaded Typhon. Cuber arrived not long after, prompting all of their scouters to explode when they read his restrained power level. The Saiyan and hybrid Arcosian soon began fighting, though they did not concern themselves with any of Yuki's soldiers.

In chapter 3, one of Yuki's soldiers noticed that Ledas was amongst their group, watching Cuber and Yuki fight, alerting the rest of Naro's elites to his presence. Naro became enraged upon noticing Ledas, realizing after Kirka's comment that the boy was not a Mrovian, but a Saiyan. During their brief skirmish, Naro and the rest of the soldiers were destroyed by a Lightning Strike and a self-destructed Adaptive Barrier. Kirka himself was flung off of a cliff by the latter attack, making him the sole survivor of Ledas' onslaught.

In chapter 5, Kirka reappeared at the site of a collapsed mountain several kilometers away from Yuki, who was pelting the surface of Typhon with energy blasts in an attempt to find Ledas (as she could not sense his ki). In awe of her power in her Fifth Form Super Saiyan 2, the Ocaran thought to himself that she was even stronger than Icer now. When he attempted to get a better view of her, he noticed that Ledas was lying unconscious nearby. He picked up the boy by the tail, thinking to himself that he could avenge his previous mistake of letting Ledas get away by killing him then and there.

However, the Saiyan opened his eyes at that point and fired a tail blast at Kirka, blowing off his arm. Though Kirka shot a dark blue finger beam at him, Ledas simply stopped its movement with his telekinetic abilities, and tried to catch his breath. This disrespect enraged the imp, who attempted another attack. Before he could do anything, Ledas fired his own beam back at him, which shot a hole through his lower jaw. In his death throes, the loyal Ocaran did not fire his last attack at Ledas, but instead into the air, where it detonated, alerting Yuki as to where Ledas was hiding.



  • *The Demon's Eye (above) is a type of fungi native to Kirka's homeworld, Zryggheympe. It glows black and green and is about the size of a human hand. Demon's Eye is deadly poisonous to most alien species. It is Kirka's favorite food.
  • Kirka's theme is Violin Concerto in B minor, Op. 7, No. 2.

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