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"We Saiyans are a warrior race, my son. Every one of us. We are the greatest fighters in the galaxy! Our pride knows no equal. Even the weakest among us is a powerful fighter. And when you leave this planet and make a name for yourself out there, it will be your pride that will keep you alive. People will learn to fear and respect you because you are a Saiyan, because they know what you are capable of."
King Vegeta, educating his son

King Vegeta
ベジータ おう, Bejīta-ō
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Great War
Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten:



Nicknames: The King
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Saiso, Planet Vegeta
Birthdate: September 22, Age 684
Date of Death: September 21, Age 737
Birth Power Level: 200
Maximum Power Level: 12,000
Personal Pronouns: わたくし, おら
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 189.3 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Rank: King of the Saiyans, Soldier in the PTO
Organizations: Vegeta's tribe (Age 684 - Age 731)
Frieza's Empire (Age 731 - Age 737)
Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Vehicle: Space Pod
Hobbies: Playing space chess
Family: Kusa (wife)
Prince Vegeta (son)
Tarble (son)
Trunks (grandson)
Bulla (granddaughter)

King Vegeta (ベジータ おう, Bejīta-ō) is a Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. He is featured in the first saga and is introduced in the chapter "Prologue".

King Vegeta is also featured as the protagonist in Dragon Ball: The Great War.

Personality and Canon History[]

Please visit the canon page to see all about King Vegeta's canon appearance and character. As the usage of King Vegeta in The Forgotten and The Great War is canon following, his personality is the same as what is on that page; thus, pointless to copy here.


Dragon Ball: The Great War[]

At the start of the first chapter of this story, during the flash-forward section, King Vegeta and his son watched various Saiyans making themselves busy in their capital city when Prince Vegeta complained that they were all a bunch of weaklings. To disprove his son's statement, King Vegeta decided to tell him the story of the the Saiyan-Tuffle War. During the Saiyan-Tuffle War flashback, with comprised most of this story, King Vegeta was first shown smothering his sickly father so he could take over his father's tribe. He did this because with his father so weak, there were rumors going around that his tribe was going to fracture into many smaller tribes looking for strong Saiyans who could actually lead. By killing his father, King Vegeta kept his tribe together. He then told his advisers, including Layeeck and Lascon, that he planned on uniting all of the tribes and destroying the Tuffles to take back the planet for the Saiyans. They did not believe him but followed his orders anyway.

King Vegeta then led a surprise attack against Creissa's region, which was the smallest tribe of Saiyans on the planet. After a short battle, he and Layeeck found Creissa. They tried to get her to join them, but when she refused, King Vegeta ordered Layeeck to kill her (which he did). Then, he told Layeeck to send envoys across Creissa's region, telling her people to join King Vegeta's tribe or die. Most of her people joined with King Vegeta's tribe, allowing him to then attack Paragus' tribe. As he pillaged and burned Paragus' lands, Paragus became intensely fearful, so he soon bowed down to King Vegeta and added his soldiers to King Vegeta's tribe. Paragus then told King Vegeta how to conquer Zorn's region without taking many casualties (by poisoning Zorn's food and water supplies). King Vegeta did so and soon annexed Zorn's people (after Zorn tried to personally fight King Vegeta and failed). King Vegeta then marched on Dogom's tribe with his full army. They were battling Dogom's personal guards at Dogom's settlement when King Vegeta and Layeeck found and fought Dogom. The two easily defeated Dogom and forced him to surrender and add his forces to King Vegeta's tribe.

In the second chapter of this story, King Vegeta was first seen sparring with Layeeck and Paragus. He greatly impressed both of them with his speed and power, though both of them were dubious about the King Vegeta's claim that he could defeat Nappa in single combat. King Vegeta then showed Paragus and Layeeck his full power, and they seemed to be more convinced. Vegeta told Paragus and Layeeck that he didn't plan on fighting Zhukin's or Nappa's tribes in open combat, as such wars would likely result in many casualties on both sides. He stated that he planned on absorbing both tribes, first by defeating Nappa in single combat and then gaining his soldiers and then forcing Zhukin to surrender after showing the tribe leader King Vegeta's superior army. After getting the message from Ocra and Artachoc that a Tuffle force had invaded King Vegeta's southern lands, King Vegeta stated that he would leave for Nappa's region at once. He sent envoys to Nappa's region, informing the tribe leader that King Vegeta wanted to duel for their tribes. Nappa, being a prideful Saiyan, could not refuse this request. Soon, King Vegeta and some guards and advisers appeared at Nappa's main settlement. They were brought into Nappa's tent and there, King Vegeta fought Nappa after exchanging a few words with the brute. After wearing Nappa out, King Vegeta set loose a blistering combo of attacks that swiftly defeated the giant Saiyan. Nappa's guards tried to save their tribe leader, but they were killed by King Vegeta's guards and advisers. Then, King Vegeta gave Nappa the option of joining him or dying like his guards. Nappa chose to join with King Vegeta.

At the start of the third chapter, King Vegeta took his tribe back to his old home, only to find that the settlement had been destroyed by the Tuffles. This greatly angered him, but he rejected the calls from his advisers to attack the Tuffles at once, because he knew he needed the full might of the Saiyans behind him before he did. That would require him to absorb the last renegade tribe into his people first. That night, King Vegeta was attacked by assassins sent from Zhukin, the last Saiyan tribe leader. While he and his advisers managed to kill all of the assassins, they were unsuccessful in interrogating the Saiyans. Still, they knew who had sent them. King Vegeta lamented that Zhukin had sent his best warriors as assassins, for he would have wanted to have added them to his army for the upcoming war against the Tuffles.

King Vegeta then traveled to Zhukin's settlement with the intent of negotiating with the King of the Badlands in person. When they met in Zhukin's tent, Zhukin stated that he was the next Legendary Super Saiyan, and that gave him the right to be the king of the Saiyans. Zhukin refused all offers and would not bow down to King Vegeta no matter what. He noted that he had allied his people with General Amanito and the Tuffles to take out King Vegeta. He told King Vegeta that the Saiyans, at their current power, had no hope of destroying the Tuffles, and thus needed to ally with them if they wanted to survive. He had done so to save his tribe, but this greatly angered King Vegeta and his advisers, who saw this alliance as a betrayal. A fight ensued, which quickly became chaotic when Zhukin's guards attacked King Vegeta's guards and advisers. In the pandemonium, King Vegeta and Zhukin dueled, and King Vegeta used his superior power to vanquish his enemy, stating to Zhukin as he killed him that he was no Legendary Super Saiyan, king, or warrior. With Zhukin's death, all of the Saiyan tribes were united beneath King Vegeta. His advisers briefly thought that Zhukin's people would not fall into line, but King Vegeta reminded them that Zhukin had won his empire through conquest, and King Vegeta had done the same, so the Saiyans would follow him from that point on. King Vegeta then gave his advisers and guards a speech about the upcoming war against the Tuffles they planned on waging and reminded them all that it would take their full power and resolve to defeat the Tuffles, who outnumbered them by one thousand to one.

In the fourth chapter, King Vegeta was first seen meeting with his war council. Some of them urged him to attack the Tuffles at once, while others wanted him to be more cautious, since the Tuffle forces outnumbered the Saiyan forces by a large margin. King Vegeta stated that they needed to defeat the Tuffle armies before besieging their cities, but defeating those armies would be problematic. He then ordered his war council to disperse so he could think things over. King Vegeta then left his tent and traveled to the outskirts of his encampment to mull things over. After King Vegeta listened to the counsel of his war council in this chapter, he left them and said a silent prayer, asking for his father to give him advice on what to do. He noted that he was scared and didn't know if attacking the Tuffles was the right move, knowing that the Saiyans were outnumbered by one thousand to one and had much inferior technology. He wished for his father to give him a sign to tell him what to do.

Soon, when an old Saiyan woman found him watching the stars, King Vegeta told the her that his mother had once told him that when Saiyans died, they became stars in the sky. The old Saiyan woman told King Vegeta that this was true. The old Saiyan woman told King Vegeta that she had taken to living by herself on the edge of the encampment, as it was too noisy in the encampment (ever since King Vegeta had become king - but the old Saiyan woman did not know King Vegeta's face), so she did not recognize him in this chapter), and she could see the stars better out on the edge. She then told him about the legend of the moon.

Later, as King Vegeta was walking back to camp, he ran into Layeeck, and the two began to talk about Cyleria, with Layeeck stating he didn't know what to do with her (he was unsure of her loyalty), when General Amanito and the Tuffles suddenly attacked the camp, forcing the conversation to end before they could come to a conclusion. King Vegeta ordered Layeeck to marshal the forces and command a vanguard of the best Saiyan warriors. King Vegeta then ran to far end of his encampment, where the Tuffles were attacking his people and buildings. He confronted and exchanged a few words with Amanito before attacking the Tuffles with his vanguard at his back. King Vegeta then tore through the Tuffles, killing hundreds of them, as the two sides clashed in the battle that ended this chapter.

In the fifth chapter, King Vegeta led the Saiyan army that pursued General Amanito's Tuffle army to Shintake Square. He ordered his Saiyan advisers to split up his army into smaller legions to attack Shintake Square from all sides at once after he saw the Tuffles fortifying the town. He kept Zorn and Lascon with him, and the three led a large legion of Saiyans that attacked the city head-on. He fought and killed many Tuffles in the ensuing battle. King Vegeta briefly clashed with the Tuffle commander Solitarn before defeating him. Then, King Vegeta caught a glimpse of General Amanito among the Tuffle hordes and instantly flew over to him. After destroying the Tuffle's guards, King Vegeta briefly exchanged words with and fought against Amanito. During the fight, Amanito cut the Saiyan king with an energy knife to save his life. In so doing, he severely damaged his hand, as he was forced to overcharge the blade well beyond what was safe so he could wound King Vegeta. Before King Vegeta could retaliate, Amanito's guards swarmed around him and protected him from further harm.

Zorn and Lascon then appeared to save their king; Zorn protected King Vegeta with energy attacks while Lascon grabbed his wounded king and flew off to safety with him. After Lascon saw the wound Amanito had given King Vegeta, he recommended they retreat from Shintake Square, for the Saiyans lacked the numbers to defeat the Tuffles and they were taking too many casualties. Though King Vegeta did not want to do this, the severity of his wound meant he could not lead the troops anymore, so he agreed to order the retreat. So then, with the remainder of his army, King Vegeta retreated from Shintake Square back to the Saiyan camp.

Near the beginning of the sixth chapter, Layeeck had a conversation with Cyleria wherein he repeatedly tried to get her to bow down to King Vegeta, though she stubbornly refused to every time he asked her to. Later, King Vegeta was seen in his tent. The wound he sustained in the previous chapter during his brief fight with Amanito was being treated by a Saiyan woman. She applied special herbs to the king's wounds which made his fingers tingle; but she also impressed him with how skilled a healer she was, leading King Vegeta to ask her who she was and where she had learned her craft. Kusa revealed that she was the sister of Zorn. She then mentioned that the healing knowledge in her tribe had come from her mother and her mother's mother, and so on. Kusa's mother had taught her how to be a healer (even when Kusa had instead wanted to go on a hunting trip with her father and brother). She told King Vegeta a story about how her mother had had her gather up some special herbs and then had taught her how to cut them up and apply them to wounds. After Zorn had been wounded on a hunting trip, it had fallen on Kusa and her mother to heal him, which they did.

Later, Kusa told King Vegeta that her mother had told her that the moon had used to wander the sky in the distant past, making the Saiyans stronger when they were in its presence. Kusa's mother had told Kusa that the moon would only reappear when the Saiyans learned from their mistakes. She then had a short conversation with King Vegeta about if the moon was even real (or if it was just an old wives' tale). When King Vegeta opened up to Kusa about his doubts about defeating the Tuffles (due, in part, to the side effects of the herbs Kusa was applying to his wound), she stated that Zorn and the rest of the Saiyans (including Kusa herself) believed King Vegeta was the strongest Saiyan warrior and the only one who could lead them to victory. She later stated that Zorn had told her that they were fighting for their freedom, and asked King Vegeta if that was true. King Vegeta said it was and then told her a long story about why he was waging war against the Tuffles. King Vegeta told Kusa a story about how his father had wanted to defeat the Tuffles but had been too weak to lead the Saiyans. The command had fallen to King Vegeta and his brother Tarble. In a battle that soon followed, Tarble had been killed by the Tuffles and his body had been confiscated by them. Many other Saiyans and Tuffles were killed in the battle, but King Vegeta and a small group of his surviving soldiers had been allowed to return to their tribe by the Tuffles. King Vegeta felt an obligation to his father and brother to cherish their memory and defeat the Tuffles for them.

Kusa listened to the whole story, but before she could respond, a guard appeared and ran off with King Vegeta to go confront Nappa (who had just returned to camp and was demanding to duel with the Saiyan king for control of their species). King Vegeta, who was still weak from the wound he had suffered in that battle agreed to see Nappa. After trying to talk to Nappa, he realized he could not reason with the brute - they had to fight to settle matters. King Vegeta was weakened when Nappa hit him on his wound, opening it again and slowing down King Vegeta significantly. However, despite that, King Vegeta was able to defeat Nappa and knock the Saiyan unconscious after a short battle. This firmly showed that King Vegeta was the rightful king of the Saiyans and that Nappa was not wise to challenge him. After King Vegeta defeated Nappa and collapsed in exhaustion, Kusa caught him. As King Vegeta fell into unconsciousness, the last thing he saw was Kusa staring back at him with a concerned look on her face.

Near the beginning of the seventh chapter, King Vegeta was seen listening to the counsel of his war council. He agreed with much of what they had to say and noted that he was going to turn the Tuffles' only advantage (their numbers) against them by spreading them out. To do that, King Vegeta gave Nappa, Dogom, Paragus, and Zorn command over armies to be sent across the planet to attack the Tuffles on all fronts. King Vegeta ordered Layeeck to go with Zorn to protect him. King Vegeta ordered Lascon to remain with him. Later, King Vegeta was seen leading an army (which included Lascon) through a canyon. In that canyon was a Tuffle settlement that King Vegeta led the attack on. He and his warriors easily destroyed it. Later, he was seen sparring with Kusa, though he easily overpowered her.

Later in this chapter, during a montage section spanning several years, a noticeably older King Vegeta was seen kissing Kusa. Near the end of this chapter, King Vegeta was shown leading an attack against a Tuffle army. He personally attacked and easily killed the unnamed Tuffle Commander who led that force in single combat. Soon, before King Vegeta could completely destroy the Tuffle force, Amanito and his honor guard appeared. Amanito called for King Vegeta to stop fighting and return to Amanito's capital city with him to discuss peace terms. King Vegeta refused, thinking that Amanito's offer was just a trap. He shot a purple energy blast at Amanito that grazed Amanito's cheek and left his face with a grisly wound. Amanito survived the attack; his honor guard formed a protective shield around him and then retreated with their wounded leader. A scout later confirmed to King Vegeta that Amanito had indeed been trying to trap King Vegeta - Amanito was hiding a huge army on the other side of a mountain, and if King Vegeta would have gone with him, the army would have been used to kill him. This news prompted King Vegeta to order a retreat, as he knew his forces were not large enough to take on Amanito's army, and he could not risk getting captured or killed.

In the eighth chapter, Dogom called King Vegeta to help him take out an entrenched Tuffle commander in a Tuffle city. Dogom mentioned to King Vegeta that his army had shattered Exitalia's army and cornered her in a Tuffle city. Dogom's army was, however, not able to break through that city's shields, which was why they asked King Vegeta to bring his army to help them take it down. But, as Amanito soon ambushed King Vegeta and the others, they were never able to execute their battle plan against her. After the ambush commenced, King Vegeta was forced to defend himself against many Tuffle soldiers, though his own guards tried to protect him too. At one point, a mech shot a devastating blast at King Vegeta, and he was only saved when Lascon stepped in front of its path and absorbed the damage himself. It appeared that Lascon died doing so, and this enraged all of the Saiyans, including King Vegeta. They began to fight more ruthlessly thereafter. However, there were too many Tuffles, and after Aubere was wounded and Artachoc incapacitated, only King Vegeta, Dogom, and Ocra remained. Dogom and Ocra were not able to protect their king, as Amanito shot him with paralyzing attacks. Realizing he had no hope of escape, King Vegeta ordered Dogom and Ocra to flee, and they did.

King Vegeta was then knocked out by Amanito and taken to the Tuffle capital. There, he was chained up in a way to prevent him from using his energy attacks. He was also constantly shocked by electricity so that his power level could not rise high enough to allow him to break free. Once in the Tuffle capital, King Vegeta questioned why Amanito hadn't killed him yet and stated that his people would never give up their fight against the Tuffles, no matter what happened to him. He later overheard Nivalus and Amanito talking about the energy barriers the Tuffles had made to conceal the moons. This was the first confirmation King Vegeta got that his planet's moons actually existed. However, the electrical attacks were wearing on King Vegeta by this time, and he began to drift in and out of consciousness as he absorbed more and more pain.

Amanito and the other Tuffles later came up with a plan to use King Vegeta to record a video message to send to his people. This would hopefully lure the other Saiyan leaders to the Tuffle capital, allowing the Tuffles to assassinate them with ease. King Vegeta refused to record such a message, though as Amanito began to torture him more severely, the Saiyan's resolve seemed to falter. Back with Dogom, Aubere, and Ocra, the three were thinking about what to do when Lascon reappeared. He was greatly wounded - his face was all cut up and his left ear was gone - but he still wanted to go free King Vegeta at once. However, he was convinced to wait until the next day by Dogom, which would allow the Saiyans to regroup and think up a strategy to free their king.

At the beginning of the ninth chapter, King Vegeta's war council was arguing about how to rescue King Vegeta when a Tuffle holo-recording device appeared before them. All of the members of King Vegeta's war council watched the message on that device relayed by their king himself. In the message, King Vegeta asked his war council to come to the Tuffle capital to negotiate a peace treaty between the Saiyans and Tuffles but to not bring any guards with them.

King Vegeta was later seen in this chapter in the Tuffle capital in the main tower. He was still being tortured by Amanito and was alive, but he was delirious with pain. He heard the Tuffles talking about the moons and wondered why the Tuffles were hiding the moons. Then, King Vegeta saw a hallucination of the old Saiyan woman. The hallucination of this old Saiyan woman spoke about the moons, though her dialogue was new - it was not a repeat of King Vegeta's conversation with her from a previous chapter. This conversation with the old Saiyan woman allowed King Vegeta to understand the moons' importance (to his species) better. Next, King Vegeta saw a hallucination of Kusa that spoke to him about the purpose of the planet's moons. Most of her dialogue was things she had said before to King Vegeta, though some of it was new. Like with the hallucination of the old Saiyan woman, Kusa's hallucination reminded King Vegeta of the importance of the moons. Later, King Vegeta became fully conscious again, and when he saw on a video feed that his war council had come to the gates of the Tuffle capital to negotiate a peace treaty, he regretted sending them that message, thinking that by doing so, he had doomed his species to annihilation.

Later, as Amanito saw how poorly the battle outside the city was going against the Saiyans (who had used a trick of their own to destroy much of Viros' army), he tried to use King Vegeta as a hostage. That was when Dogom, Lascon, and Paragus appeared in the tower. Lascon threatened to kill Amanito if the Tuffle didn't let King Vegeta go. Paragus then used an afterimage technique to sneak up on the Tuffles and free the king. After Paragus freed King Vegeta from Amanito's grasp, Kusa appeared and caught King Vegeta before he could fall to the ground. They said hello and kissed and then Kusa began to use her healing abilities on the weary, tortured Saiyan king. As Amanito and the others fled, Lascon ordered Dogom to pursue and kill them. He then went over to King Vegeta to make sure his king was doing okay. King Vegeta ordered Lascon and Paragus to destroy the computers in the tower, as they were controlling the Tuffle moon barriers. Lascon and Paragus did so gladly.

Near the beginning of the tenth chapter, King Vegeta was shown sleeping in a bed with Kusa, showing how close the two of them had become. Later, King Vegeta went to see the old Saiyan woman he had spoken to about the planet's moons in a previous chapter. When King Vegeta found her, she chastised him (in an non-serious manner) for not telling her that he was King Vegeta during their last conversation (evidently, she had figured out who he was since then). When King Vegeta questioned her about the moons, she became overwhelmed, stating that she had always been sure that they would return one day, but hadn't expected them to do so in her own lifetime. When King Vegeta questioned her further about how he could tell when they were full and how he could tell the power they would give him (for the king did not understand how the moons would make the Saiyans invincible for a night, as was claimed to him before), she told him that the moons would become full when they became full circles in the sky and that he would know when the moons had given their power boosts to the Saiyans instinctively. All he needed was a little faith, in her opinion. Shortly after getting this advice, King Vegeta said his goodbyes to her and left.

King Vegeta then returned to his camp and ran into Layeeck and Cyleria. Layeeck told King Vegeta that Nappa and Paragus had already returned with their armies to their old stations across the planet (they had abandoned these posts to rescue King Vegeta in the previous chapter) and that Dogom and Zorn had not yet left for their posts, but were planning on leaving soon. He was later ordered by King Vegeta to let every Saiyan commander know that they should have their armies ready on the night of the full moon (about seven days from then) to attack the Tuffles. As Layeeck ran off to send this message, King Vegeta commented that Cyleria had found a good mate in him and that once the war was over, Layeeck would become one of King Vegeta's highest ranking advisers, and his family would be treated as family by King Vegeta. Though Cyleria scoffed at the idea that she was the mate of Layeeck, King Vegeta noted that he saw mutual love in their eyes. King Vegeta was later seen sparring with Kusa, Lascon, and some unnamed Saiyans. However, all of their strengths put together was not enough to overwhelm the king, who was easily the strongest Saiyan on the planet at the time. After King Vegeta noticed the full moons in the sky, he ordered the sparring to stop and asked his soldiers to follow him down to the Tuffle capital (which was not too far away from them at the time).

Later, King Vegeta and his army arrived before the Tuffle capital. King Vegeta said a silent prayer to his father and brother, asking them to give him the courage and strength to win the battle. He dedicated the battle to both of them and swore to get revenge on the Tuffles for what they did to his father and brother. He gave a rousing speech to his people and then prepared to charge the Tuffle capital when suddenly he began to transform. At once, all of his soldiers began transforming too. Once their transformations were done, the Tuffles in the city could see only an army of Great Apes standing before them.

Then, King Vegeta, flanked by Lascon and Kusa, led his army into the city. There, King Vegeta and his army wreaked havoc. Eventually, King Vegeta came face-to-face with Amanito. The Tuffle general mocked the king and stated that he had become a beast. Amanito was able to get a few shots on King Vegeta, and one of them in particular seemed to daze him to the point of awakening him and making him conscious in his feral form. At that point, King Vegeta easily hunted down Amanito and grabbed him. King Vegeta began to squeeze Amanito, causing the Tuffle to scream in excruciating pain.

King Vegeta then spoke and told Amanito all of the reasons he was going to annihilate the Tuffles (for forcing the Saiyans to live in squalor, for killing so many Saiyans in cold blood and forcing the Saiyans to start the terrible Saiyan-Tuffle war, and for killing his brother Tarble and stealing his body). King Vegeta then said that the Tuffles were fools for provoking his wrath. Though Amanito tried to scream to King Vegeta that the planet belonged to the Tuffles, no matter what the Saiyans did, King Vegeta did not listen. He told Amanito to get off his planet and then bit off the Tuffle general's head. Afterwards, King Vegeta participated in several additional battles against Tuffle armies and cities that night and caused much bloodshed and destruction in his Great Ape form before the end of this chapter.

Near the beginning of the eleventh chapter, King Vegeta and Kusa were seen on the steps of their palace while many Saiyans stood below them and knelt. Kusa was shown to be pregnant with Prince Vegeta in that scene. Near the beginning of this chapter, some Saiyans were shown to be rioting in the streets of the Saiyan cities (for they wanted to fight, and with the Tuffles gone, they had no one to fight but themselves). King Vegeta saw these riots as a great threat to his fledgling empire, so he ordered his best scientists to create space ships to allow the Saiyans to travel across the universe to take out their aggression on other planets and other species. The Saiyan scientists were successful in creating adequate space ships, and thus many Saiyans began to leave the planet to conquer alien worlds in this chapter.

King Vegeta joined his fellow warriors on many such missions. On one, with Layeeck, Cyleria, Nappa, Ocra, and some unnamed Saiyans accompanying him, King Vegeta came face-to-face with the Arcosians. After some hostility from the Saiyans, the Arcosians revealed that they wanted to make an alliance with the Saiyans. The Arcosians agreed to pay the Saiyans well if they conquered a new homeworld for them (as Arcose was a dump!) and also promised to provide better technology and armor for the Saiyans. King Vegeta soon accepted this alliance, told the Arcosians that he was a proud member of the Saiyan race (whom he noted was the strongest race in the universe). King Vegeta then went with his best soldiers to New Arcose, which he and his warriors conquered for the Arcosians effortlessly.

Delighted, the Arcosians forged a more long-lasting relationship with the Saiyans (which King Vegeta had asked for, since he needed more money to modernize his planet's crumbling cities (which were in such poor condition as a result of the Saiyan-Tuffle War)) and revealed that they were a part of the Planet Trade Organization. They gave the Saiyans, including King Vegeta, Planet Trade Organization armor and promised to send more technology to the Saiyan homeworld.

Back on Planet Vegeta, Zorn revealed to Gichamu (a Planet Trade Organization engineer) that King Vegeta kept several Tuffle war trophies in his palace so that he would never forget the horrors he experienced and the lessons he learned in the Saiyan-Tuffle War.

Near the end of the eleventh chapter, as King Vegeta was on a Planet Trade Organization ship overlooking his homeworld and talking to some Arcosians about the strategy to send baby Saiyans to distant worlds (to conquer them by the time they grow up), Frieza suddenly entered the scene. He ordered the other Arcosians to leave and revealed himself to be the leader of the Planet Trade Organization to King Vegeta. He then stated he wanted to discuss some things with King Vegeta, though what they discussed was not shown in this chapter. Still, after talking with Frieza, King Vegeta's demeanor changed - he became more depressed, distant, sad. It is likely that Frieza told the king that his species was were just slaves in Frieza's empire and could do nothing about that (if they wanted to survive). Later, Kusa and King Vegeta were formally married, and King Vegeta was shown holding his newborn baby boy, Prince Vegeta, as Kusa looked on and cried joyfully.

During the flash-forward section of the eleventh chapter, Prince Vegeta listened to King Vegeta retell the entire story of the Saiyan-Tuffle War (including the unification of the Saiyan tribes and the meeting with the Arcosians). He criticized his father for not telling him the part where he bowed down to Frieza and allowed the Saiyans to become slaves. This greatly angered King Vegeta who emphatically said that the Saiyans were not slaves. Prince Vegeta remained unconvinced and stated that he would kill Frieza himself when he grows up. He then strode out of the room arrogantly. King Vegeta later thought to himself that his son didn't know how truly powerful Frieza was and that it would be suicide to stand up to the tyrant. However, he also harbored the hope that his son was the Legendary Super Saiyan and perhaps could unlock the power to defeat Frieza. He then resolved to increase the severity of Prince Vegeta's training and find him a good training partner so that his son could grow strong enough to kill Frieza.

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Prince Vegeta Saga[]

King Vegeta was the king of the entire Saiyan race and father of his son, Prince Vegeta. King Vegeta was also the leader of the Saiyan Army.

It was King Vegeta's idea that, with enough training, the Vegeta and Ledas would be able to surpass him and eventually Frieza as well. But fearful of Nappa's inability to keep secrets, King Vegeta kept this thought to himself. Indeed, Layeeck didn't even learn of it until the very day Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta. But the King's charisma was able to convince even his paranoid friend that attacking Frieza, that making a final stand was the only way to regain the honor that the tyrant so callously taken from them. Needless to say, they both died pretty pathetically.

A notable trait of King Vegeta was his fierce protection of his son. While this may have not been immediately evident in their subtle interactions, this was one of the large motivators for King Vegeta to attack Frieza.


In this story, King Vegeta was preparing to challenge Frieza in order to get his son Prince Vegeta back. Before he instigated the rebellion, however, Vegeta decided to visit his second son, Tarble. Tarble was just a baby in this story, and he was isolated from the rest of the palace because he had been born with such a weak power level. Still, Vegeta loved his son and wished to protect him. In case King Vegeta were to lose his upcoming struggle against Frieza, he planned on moving Tarble to a safer place. He took Tarble to a pod takeoff area and then sent the baby to an undocumented planet far away from Planet Trade Organization-occupied space. Then, he used his own Space Pod to fly to Frieza's spaceship. As he was flying, Vegeta couldn't help but tear up as he thought of Tarble flying off to an unknown fate, very much like Vegeta was doing, himself.


In this story, King Vegeta recorded a message for Tarble, which was kept inside the boy's space pod. In the message, King Vegeta told Tarble who he was, what rank he held, and why he had sent his youngest prince away from the planet. He was embarrassed by how weak Tarble had been at birth, and he said on the recording that Tarble could only return to the Saiyans if he came back a strong warrior. He showed no love for Tarble in the recording, though he oft praised his other son, Prince Vegeta, causing Tarble to feel guilty, ashamed, and embarrassed by how weak he was. However, the irony of the situation was that, by this time, King Vegeta was long dead - for he had been so weak that he had been killed by a single punch from Lord Frieza. All that remained of King Vegeta was his hate for Tarble, preserved forever in a video message.



  • King Vegeta is the first character introduced both The Forgotten and The Great War.
  • Despite being the strongest and most powerful Saiyan up to his death, King Vegeta rarely showcases that power in The Forgotten. The only time he does in this series is in his brief fight against Frieza in which he dies immediately.
  • King Vegeta's scouter is red.
  • King Vegeta's theme is Uprising.

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