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King Cold's Empire



August, Age 664


Central territories


King Cold (†)

Main Members:

King Cold (†)


Cooler's Empire
Frieza's Empire
Nitro's Empire
Arcterial's Empire
Icer's Empire


King Cold's Empire is the territory of the Planet Trade Organization which is overseen by King Cold. During the imperial maximum (before Frieza and Cold's deaths), his territory was relatively small, being located between the territories of his three sons, Cooler, Frieza, and Nitro. Following Cold's death on Earth, his territory was taken over by Cooler. While the Planet Trade Organization civil war raged on, his territory was disputed between the forces of Arcterial, Icer, Nitro, Kuriza, and the Faerin Empire. After Pax Arcosia was declared, the entirety of King Cold's region was annexed by Icer.


King Cold's Empire was started shortly after the fall of Specter's Empire. He began conquering planets near his homeworld of Arcose many decades before the Planet Trade Organization emerged as the major imperial force in the universe. His younger brothers Arcterial and Icer helped him with this, carving out small empires of their own in the process. When Cold's three sons grew old enough to begin ruling, he gave them each imperial territories surrounding his own, transfering most of the day-to-day ruling, expansion, and planet selling onto them. Thereafter, King Cold mostly drank wine, had dinner parties, and lounged around his palace on Planet Cold 001 in retirement.

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