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King Cereus

Manga name King Cereus
Debut Side story: The Lost Menorah
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Spirit of Narcissism (formerly)
Orc-type Holiday Figure
Gender Male
Date of death Age 780 (erased from existence; revived)
Status Alive
Address Cereus' World
Occupation Spirit of Winter (Age 151 - current)
Allegiance Cereus' World
Classification Embodiment of Narcissism
  • Toledra (servant/former toy)
  • King Cereus is the former ruler of Universe 6's Earth before being ousted by the Humans on the planet.

    Overview Edit

    Name Edit

    Cereus is pun of Seleucid.

    Appearance Edit

    Cereus has an onion-shaped head with a few strands from it, red eyes, long pointy ears, a broad muscle body. He wears a Corinthian-like helmet, a steel cuirass, steel greaves, steel boots, and steel gauntlets in battle while wearing red and yellow robes resembling the robes of a Roman Emperor.

    Personality Edit

    Cereus is highly narcissistic, intelligent, broody, and is eccentric. He compliments himself on his own intelligence, and his ability to upset the place of peace in the world.

    Biography Edit

    Background Edit

    King Cereus began life as the Spirit of Narcissism created by Fuwa's predecessor until he used Super Shenron to transform his appearance into what he is in the modern world; retaining his massive narcissism, and used to ensure that he was the only enjoying life.

    Techniques Edit

    • Ki Blast
    • Ki Sense
    • Reality Warping
      • Spirit of Narcissism Creation - Cereus can turned regular souls and spirits into Spirits of Narcissism
    • Unfettered Body - Invulnerable and Immortal

    Form and Transformations Edit

    Spirit of Narcissism Edit

    As the Spirit of Narcissism; King Cereus was green in colour with blank green glowing eyes, hair style similar to Samurai, and a humanoid appearance.

    Organic Edit

    After wishing into an organic and the appearance he desired; he was to gain even more power than he had before, and is able to outmatch Dial in battle in this form.