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King Cablege was king of the original home planet of the Saiyans, Planet Saiyan. He assumed his royal status after a victory over Vegeta the 1st (who later became known as King Vegeta) after a battle to see who would rule the Saiyans. Cablege won and as first act as king, he exiled Vegeta the 1st (King Vegeta) and all his followers/supporters.  He has a son, who he homegrown trained to be an elite Saiyan warrior, Prince Bage. He had started a personal vendetta against King Vegeta and Planet Vegeta, and, up until the point where he, as well as Royal Guard/Best Friend Tomo, was slaughtered by Salza, did everything opposite of his rivals, except for brutal Saiyan nature habits. Because King Vegeta struck a deal with Frieza, King Cablege struck a deal with Cooler, which just like King Vegeta, eventually came to bite him.
King Cablege young

A young Cablege before claiming the throne.

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