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Kimon Cannon
鬼門大砲 (Kimon Taihō)
Alternate Names Demon Gate Cannon
Class Energy Wave
Colour       &      
Inventor Baryton
Users Baryton
Debut Dragon Ball AS
Similar Techniques Antenna Beam

The Kimon Cannon (鬼門大砲, Kimon Taihō; Lit. "Demon Gate Cannon") is an energy wave technique used by Baryton in Dragon Ball AS.


A powerful energy wave attack, it is charged by focusing energy towards the antennae atop Baryton's head causing an aura of light to appear around them and sparks of electricity to amass between them. Baryton appears to have to strain while charging the technique, often roaring emphatically as its prepared. He pulls his head back and quickly juts it forward in order to fire the blast, a tremendous beam that widens as rips across the sky towards its target. Though not required, Baryton usually accompanies the attack by yelling "FIRE!". Incredibly strong for something appearing so plainly, it carries a great deal of recoil in its use, visibly pushing Baryton back as he unleashes the attack. Due to how tightly packed energy is within the attack, the resulting explosion and its firing arc shimmer with sparks of energy after the technique dissipates, however, these sparkling dregs of energy are harmless. Due to the unique anatomy involved in the attack, Baryton believed it impossible to replicate for non-namekians, but is eventually shown otherwise when Serada manages to copy him with strands of her hair.