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Anime name Kimmi
Manga name Kammi
Debut Dragon Ball OS
Appears in Finding A New Student
Race 1/4 Saiyan, 3/4 Human
Date of birth 772 Age
Date of death None
Height 4'4ft(Kid)

6ft6 (adult)

Weight 98 lbs (Kid)
Affiliations *Unnamed Human Male (Father)
  • Unnamed Saiyan Female (Mother)
  • Preach (Husband)
  • Aya (Daughter)
  • Raditz (Father in Law)
  • Bardock (Grandfather in Law)
  • Goku (Uncle in Law)
  • Chi-Chi (Aunt in Law)
  • Gohan (Cousin in Law)
  • Goten (Cousin in Law)

Kimmi is a character in Dragon Ball OS, she is Preach's friend when they first meet and gradually start dating afterwards and get married and have a daughter named Aya.


Kimmi is 4ft4 when she was seven years of age and weighs 98 lbs, unlike most girls. She has long red hair, black eyes, she wears a green knited top and a matching skirt. She wears brown sandals with socks on them.


Early Life[]


Kimmi's Village

Kimmi was born from poverty, she lived in absolute poverty. When she was born, she made to work, she got her first job when she was four by her Saiyan mother. Kimmi's job was to fetch water, Kimmi was being watched by her mother, so nothing bad happens to her. One day, Kimmi saw a dinosaur rampaging through her town, she disobeyed her mother and went to fight it, she then beat it. Seeing she had potential, Kimmi's dad let her train under him, teaching her ki and how to control it.

Young Evil[]

Kimmi was then met by Preach, she fought him. She lost, but Preach took her as a one of Junson's students. While flying above the clouds, they saw dragon balls and the Z-Fighters making a wish on them. Kimmi then watches Preach fight Chern and go Super Saiyan because of Kale's death.

Kale's Revival[]


  • Kamehameha - A basic ki attack that fires a powerfull blue ki wave.
  • Super Kamehameha - A powered variant of Kamehameha.
  • Big Flash Attack -Unlike many moves, it fires a great big yellow blast and can damage the person's eyesight.
  • Final Flash - A yellow ki attack that is fired by the persons hand.
  • Instant Transmission - A technique that takes the person anywhere with a ki signature.
  • Instantaneous Movement - A technique like Instant Transmission but you don't need a ki signature.
  • Spirit Bomb - A giant sphere that takes energy of a planet.
  • Crazy Way - Preach kicks the person into the air twice, grabs their hand and fires an energy blast at them.
  • Ghost of All Saiyans - Kimmi's most powerful attack. Kimmi quickly gets energy of all dead Saiyans and fires it into one white blast.
  • Flight - Flying on thin air.
  • Ki Blast - Basic ki move.
  • Treachrous Team Attack - A team attack used by Kimmi and Yukisaga, they both kick the person to each other and then either Kimmi or Yukisaga smashes them on the head.