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"Are you dumb? Are you stupid?! We're the Kill Squad!"
Said Their Leader

The Kill Squad is a group of mercenaries hired by King Yemma to guide the River Lethe, one of the only passages into the real world without remaining a ghost. There are currently 4 members, each bested by Peran.



At the time of the River Lethe's creation, a large amount of spirits were using it as an express of sorts to return to the real world with new bodies. With life and death on the verge of dissolving, King Yemma gathered the four deadliest demons and aliens in Otherworld, assembling the Kill Squad, to guard the River Lethe. Only a spirit who could defeat all 4 members could use the River.


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  • Diadan - The leader, Diadan is a skeletal demon who is a master of flame.
  • Parys - The second-in command, Parys is a demon who is an expert at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Rutgath - A alien, Rutgath is a master of Ki blasts.
  • Mermias - A demon, and the only female member, Mermias is a master of mind control.


  • They are pretty much King Yemma's version of the Ginyu Force or Cooler's Armored Squadron.