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Manga name Kibihan Kai
Alternate names Kibihanshin
Debut Fanga: "2nd Timespace Rift Tournament Saga"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/2 Shinjin-1/4 Saiyan-1/4 Human-type Earthling
Gender Male
Allegiance Team Gohan
  • Kibito Kai (fusee)
  • Gohan (fusee)
  • Shin (fusee of fusee)
  • Kibito (fusee of fusee)
  • Goku (half-father)
  • Chi-Chi (half-mother)
  • Videl (half-wife)
  • Goten (half-brother)
  • Pan (half-daughter)
  • Beerus (life link)
  • Jam (comrade)
  • Pipila (comrade)
  • Moolin (comrade)
  • Android 17 (comrade)
  • Kibihanshin is the EX-Fusion of Potential Unleashed Gohan and Kibito Kai.

    Appearance Edit

    He has black spiky long hair that reaches the arch of his back, and wears his hair in a tie. He wears Gohan's sash around his waist, and the vest portion of his Supreme Kai outfit his orange with the golden lines and buttons are blue with light blue wrist bands, dark blue pants, and Gohan's boots but white with blue laces and purple lines instead of red. He has Gohan's jawline, and Kibito Kai's eye shape.

    Personality Edit

    With his concern over other people, and Gohan's intellect; he is considered a worthy opponent by some, and was even able to defuse Piccolo's strategies multiple times. He has slight cocky attitude, and tends to "play" with his opponents before taking them down.

    Biography Edit

    During the 1st Timespace Rift Tournament; Team Gohan fought against Team Piccolo, and Team Pinich before finally fighting against Team Tekka with Gohan was fused with Kibito Kai. He proved to be a challenge for the fighters, and was defeated. After his defeat; the Original Team Gohan disbanded, and the fighters returned to their correct timeline with no memory of the event happening except their older selves in Age 780.

    Techniques Edit

    • Flight
    • Ki Manipulation and Sensory
      • Godly Ki Sense and Usage
    • Masenko
      • Super Masenko
      • Ultimate Masenko
    • Instantaneous Movement
    • Healing
    • Energy Rain
    • Shin Gekiretsu Shin'ou'hou
      • Shin Gekiretsu Masenko - A Combination of Shin Gekiretsu Shin'ou'hou and Super Masenko
    • Life Link

    Forms and Transformations Edit

    Potential Unleashed Edit

    As he fused while Gohan was in his Potential Unleashed stage; Kibihanshin has access to this power, and proved to be extremely proficient with the technique. While in this form; sports a greyish aura with electricity sparks, and radiates similar to Super Saiyan 3.

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