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Who is Kevin?

Kevin's the kind of guy you'd wanna have a beer with (you know if he could drink). He's really a good guy. Really good. He's not evil for a reason, he just doesn't like the guilt. Kevin is a actually part human. Being human gives him less control over his emotions;thus, this makes any transformations he may have are easier to obtain. Kevin's a warrior at heart. He may not seem like it because he shows mercy, pity, and respect for his enemies. Also because he's a fun loving dude. He has never gone to the fullest extent of his power. He's really only gone up to about half. Kevin'd rather die and fight than show off his power. His power is infact great, but he himself fears it. Kevin's... powers was being a natural elemental controling the many elements that surround ourselves:Fire, water,ice,wind, and etc...Oh yeah He also Saiyan and Hutrikan.He could go super saiyan and does, but he doesn't go beyond that because the stress on his body is too much for him.

He's a goddamn mage[]

Not a wizard, but a mage. Yes, being this magical entity makes him stronger and powerful. And of course he has a staff (and a wand, but he rarely uses that) Which he conjures himself. However, none of his friends have seen him do this. He's afraid that he may very well destroy existance with powerful magic.

A mischief maker[]

He's very nice, but he seems evil. He likes to pretend he does things when he really didn't. He may not be a mischief maker, but really lazy owing to the fact that other people speak for him and he doesn't contradict them.