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Kenja, age 12.

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Kenja is the son of Goku Jr. and the future World Martial Arts Champion.


Kenja exhibited a playful personality and a bright sense of thinking that separated him from other children, even Saiyan-Human hybrids. His intelligence is boundless; he is an incredibly quick thinker and very observant. His lust for battle is much lower than any other Saiyan alive, but he tends to fight others for practically no reason.

However, deep inside his spunky and bright shell houses a dark soul which harbors a low sense of morale and compassion for anyone (save his mother), which is attributed by the fact that he never had a father figure in his life.

Before and after returning from Other World, Kenja's playful yet dark personality turned into a serious, no-nonsense, determined personality which was overtaken by the desire to protect the Earth from any harm.



Base Form[]

  • Fury Bullet: Kenja puts both of his hands in the form of a pyramid and fires a yellow ball of energy from his hands.
  • Kamehameha: Kenja can fire a Kamehameha.
  • Demoted: Kenja will fire a powerful Kamehameha which will propel the opponent to the skies, then he will teleport to the skies and whack his opponent to the ground with a double axe handle.

SSJ Form[]

  • Super Kamehameha:

    Kenja as an SSJ

    Kenja can fire a Kamehameha at full power.
  • Mini-Spirit Bomb: Kenja creates a miniature version of the Spirit Bomb and flings it at the opponent.

SSJ3 Form[]


Kenja as an SSJ3

  • 100 Percent Full Power Spirit Bomb: Kenja gathers energy from all across the world and the solar systems in all the universe and gathers it all to create a humungous Spirit Bomb ten times larger than the Earth.