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LSSJ Malick for Kaiju Z by DragonballXE
Race Saiyan/Android
Height 6 Feet, 2 Inches
Weight 250lbs
Affiliations Unknown


Kencha is one of the surviving saiyans of Planet Vegeta's destruction. He was on a mission during the genocide, away from his squad. Before the explosion, he was teamed with a young saiyan named Arcarus, Scarface, and Onio. Kencha took a leadership role in the team, and was nicknamed The Executionist, because he killed more native life forms than most saiyan elites. He is 17 years old (only due to the time paradox incident).

Attack on Earth[]

Kencha felt a high energy on Earth one day, that reminded him of Arcarus' power. Arcarus (now going by Shane), who was adopted by Gohan and Videl, was in fact on Earth. Kencha arrived, and made his presence felt. He took out Videl, kidnapped Gohan and Videl newest son, Ryder, attempted to kill Ryder, and assaulted Mijime, Shane's friend. He then battled Future Gohan, Android 16, Shane, then an enraged Present Gohan.


Kencha in his saiyan armor.

Aftermath of the attack[]

Kencha then saw the error of his ways and took up a peaceful residence on Earth, befriending Mijime, Kevin, Gohan, and Shane. He and Shane still fight a lot, but that's expected. He has gained more friends since, such as Oceanus Shenron and a Saiyan named May.

(Pre-Attack) Time Paradox Incident and Invasion Of The Serpent Planet[]

When Kencha was 20, he went on a mission. On this mission, the time paradox altered while Kencha was in it, sending Kencha to an 8-Year-Old body. This mission was the invasion of the serpent planet. He fought a young demon named Draco there, who was also 8. The fight ended with ultimate defeat, but Kencha was stuck as an 8 year old.

Rebirth as an Android[]

Kencha was training on his planet, New Vegeta as he called it, a meteorite hit the planet. This caused Kencha to be destroyed with his planet, or so it was thought. There were small remains of his body, but he was missing his hair, arms, and legs. Doctor Gero found his remains after being released from Hell for unknown reasons, and restored Kencha as a Saiyan/Android.

Photo Gallery.[]

Saiyan Kencha

Kencha, after being restored as an Android.


LSSJ Malick for Kaiju Z by DragonballXE

Kencha as a Legendary Super Saiyan

SSJ Zuken by DragonballXE

Super Saiyan Kencha

Zuken ssj 2 by DragonballXE

Super Saiyan 2 Kencha

Super Saiyan 3 Zuken by DragonballXE

Super Saiyan 3 Kencha


Kencha in his saiyan armor.