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Featured in Insatiable

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Pronunciation kel-uh-poo
Adjective Kelapuvian
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 418.3 d
Satellites 0
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 6568.2 km
Polar radius 6546.3 km
Surface area 21.8% land
78.2% water
Mass 4.43747×1025 kg
7.43 M
Equatorial surface gravity 68.649 m/s2
7.0 g
Axial tilt 37.2°
Surface temperature
Minimum -59.7°
Mean 13.4°
Maximum 48.6°
Composition 77.62% nitrogen (N2)
20.17% oxygen (O2)
1.04% argon
0.74% water vapor (H2O)
0.31% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.07% helium
0.03% neon
0.02% trace elements
Sentient Species n/a
Sentient species 1 population 0
Number of major cities 0
Technology level Tier 1

Kelapu is a free world. It is located in Universe 2 and Universe 11. Zalama placed half of his divine artifact, known as the Soul of the Dragon, on each universe's version of this world.


Universe 1[]

In the distant past, Zalama placed one half of the Soul of the Dragon on this planet. During the events of Insatiable, the Majin Marauders visited Kelapu in search of the artifact. While Majins Elhim and Walu were defeated in the proving grounds, Majin Sesami emerged victorious by manipulating her maximum power (due to being in possession of one half of the Heart of the Dragon, the artifact from Universe 1). She took the device, killed Elhim when he tried to steal it from her, and the two remaining Majins left the planet, never to return.

Universe 11[]

In the distant past, Zalama placed one half of the Soul of the Dragon on this planet. It remains there to this day.

Notable facts[]

  • The proving grounds for the Soul of the Dragon are located in a small temple on the snowy southern continent of Kelapu. When one enters the temple's perimeter (marked by metal pillars), the artifact will spit out a lightning bolt of energy that morphs into a mirror of the warrior. The mirror has the same powers and abilities as the person who enters the area. However, should the mortal unlock a new form or achieve a power boost beyond their maximum after they enter the area, the mirror will not mimic that power boost. To acquire the artifact, the mortal must defeat their mirror.
  • Kelapu's northern hemisphere is more temperate than its southern hemisphere. There is more land mass in the north than the south, with two continents in the north, one in the south, and another spread across both (though more of it is is in the north).
  • Kelapu is home to a wide variety of native life, including birds, fish, insects, and reptile-like animals.


  • Kelapu's population:
    • At height: 0.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Kelapu is still around.

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