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Kazam has pale yellow skin, blood red hair and matching eyes. He possesses sharp fangs and pointed ears.


Kazam was born to Dabura and an unknown demoness in Age 415. In Age 433, as a result of Trunk's wish on the eternal dragon, Kazam was brought to Toki Toki City in Age 850.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse[]

Future Trunks' Wish to Save History[]

Kazam was pulled from his time and summoned by Trunks, who had used the dragon balls to with for a strong warrior. After arriving in Conton City, Kazam is quickly attacked by Trunks, but fights him off with relative ease. After the fight, Trunks explains the situation. Deciding to help, Kazam goes on a mission to when Raditz arrived on earth. He allows himself to seemingly be overwhelmed by the Saiyan, Goku manages to hold his brother down as Piccollo kills them both. After arriving back in the time nest. he meets the supreme kai of time, who is shocked that he is from the demon realm race.


Kazam is quite powerful. Upon being summon by Trunks, he is more them a match for the Time Patroller's super saiyan form. He is stated to be much stronger the Frieza and without any training, is stronger then androids 17 or 18, while being only slightly weaker then android 16. Its noted noted that his power level was roughly 140,000,000 when not in battle; however, it increased to over 200,000,000 when he got serious.

In his Demonic Will state, Kazam becomes strong enough to fight on even terms with a perfect form Cell who was been strengthened by Towa's magic. Later, he was able to match his father, something Dabura didn't expect to happen for several thousand years, though Dabura was still holding back slightly.

After absorbing the evil energy from Janemba, Kazam unlocks his Darkness Form. In this state, his powers jumps up, allowing him to fight on par with super saiyan 3 Goku and overpower Mira in his super form, who claimed to be stronger then both Dabura and Super Buu.

After training with Whis, Kazam unlocked his Demon God Form. In his Demon God Form, Kazam's strength is superior to Hit and Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black. He was later shown to match Toppo's destroyer form and even hold off Jiren for a short time.

Upon acquiring his Time Power Unleashed state, he can fight the full power of Mechikabura.


  • Bunkai Teleport
    • Cosmic Illusion
  • Kai Kai
  • Telekinesis
  • Illusion Smash
  • Portal Opening
  • Lightning Shower Rain - Kazam traces his finger in the air and creates a streak of green energy light that breaks into sharp, glass-like needles. He then swings his arm back and fires the energy needles at his opponent.
  • Evil Energy Manipulation
    • Evil Energy Absorption - As a member of the Demon Realm Race, Kazam can Absorb Evil Energy.
  • Sealed Light Beam - Kazam puts his hands in front of him, and then he fires rings of energy that paralyze and shrink his opponent.
  • Evil Impulse - Kazam puts his hand forward and charges a reddish-pink energy sphere. He then fires the attack at his opponent.
  • Telepathy
  • Magical Thunder - Kazam fires a bolt of electrical of energy from his index finger at his opponent.
    • Psychic Thunder - A more powerful version of Magical Thunder
      • Illusion Thunder - A more powerful version of Psychic Thunder
  • Evil Flame
  • Revenge Death Ball - Kazam collects negative energy into a sphere and raises it above his head as the sphere grows in size. He then throws it at the opponent. It is the negetive energy counterpart of the spirit bomb.
  • Energy Shield
  • Healing - Kazam is able to heal himself and others.
  • Barrier of Light
    • Absolute Lightning
    • Blades of Judgement
  • Holy Wrath - Kazam creates a small sun-like energy sphere on the tips of his index and middle finger and then throws it at his opponent, expanding it into a huge energy ball.
    • Divine Wrath: Purification
  • Spiral of Condemnation
  • Magic Materialization
  • Time Skip - Kazam learned this technique after studying under Hit.
  • Rakshasa's Claw
  • Hell Gate Slasher

Demonic Will[]

Kazam receives his Demonic Will state upon absorbing the Black Water Mist. In this form, he becomes strong enough to fight evenly with a perfect form Cell who was been strengthened by Towa's magic. He retained this power as he was later able to match his father, something Dabura didn't expect to happen for several thousand years.

Darkness Form[]

Kazam's Darkness Form

Kazam achieves this form after absorbing the evil energy from Janemba. With this form, he gains access to Janemba's Dimension sword. This form is sstrong enough for him to match a version of kid buu empowered by Towa's magic.

Demon God[]

Kazam's Demon God Form

Kazam achieved this form after training with Whis. Beerus compares this form to Goku's Super Saiyan God state, but notes that Kazam is slightly stronger. With more training, this state surpasses Goku's Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

Time Power Unleashed[]

Kazam was gifted this form by Chronoa to fight against Mechikabura.

  • Sword - Kazam's first weapon.

Dimenison Sword

  • Dimension Sword - Kazam obtains the sword after defeating Janemba and absorbing his evil energy. After obtaining the sword, Kazam uses it as his main weapon.
  • Key Sword - Kazam aquired the Keys sword from Rubedo to help him defeat Mechikabura
  • Black Water Mist