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Anime name Karr
Manga name Carr
Alternate names The Prince
Debut DBSV
Race Saiyan
Date of birth Unknown
Height 6 ft.
Weight 81 lbs.

"I can't believe you're entering in a battle of wills with a robot. JUST. GO. AHEAD."
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Karr is the son of Raditz. He appears in any fan fiction Zeon sees fit. It is unknown who his mother is, though the blue streaks in his hair and his hightened sense of smell suggest Princess Snake (IT'S BEEN MENTIONED IN THE GAMES).


Karr has hair similar to his father's except it goes barely lower than his ears. He wears a simple black jumpsuit while on Earth, and occasionally grows his hair out.

When he dresses casually, Karr usually wears a black tee shirt, with torn Jeans. Depending on when he first appears, as about 17/18, Karr may have longer or shorter hair.


Karr is quite a conundrum. He is rather brash and overconfident, often leaping into situation without fear, but often loses some of his nerve quickly. Despite this, he has a generally cheerful personality, offset occasionally by bouts of brooding or jerkiness.


  • Flight- Karr can fly.
  • Ki Blast- Karr can launch a small orb of Ki out of his palm. His is baige in color.
  • Final Beserker- A large teardrop shaped blast, that splits into the three blasts coming in from all sides. Signature move.
  • Begone!- Karr fires two large beams out of his hands.
  • Volcano Explosion- Karr sticks two fingers out, resulting in a explosion of Ki energy on the chosen target/s.
  • Light Kamehameha- A pale white Kamehameha that not only does damage, it also expells unwanted materials/organisms from the target's body.


  • Super Saiyan- Karr gained this ability after watching Gohan die in the fight against Python. His hair turns golden, as does his aura.
  • Ascended Super Saiyan- Gained after spending several days in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Karr can enhance his Super Saiyan power.
  • Ultra Super Saiyan- Karr has utilized this form once, but finds it's slowlness to be a bad factor. However, he uses Instantaneous Movement to quickly move around.
  • Super Saiyan 2- Karr has never used it in battle, but has claimed to have the transformation.


  • Karr was inspired by the first Legacy of Goku game, which hints at a relationship between Raditz and Princess Snake.
  • Karr's theme is Into the Nothing by Breaking Benjamin.