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Class Energy Sphere
Colour       &      
Users Frost
Debut Dragon Ball AS
Similar Techniques Spirit Ball
Bad Strike
Evil Impulse
Saturday Crush

Karna (かるな (軽儺) Karuna; Lit. "Gentle Dispersal"; Sanskrit for "Cutter/Peeler of His Own Skin/Natural Armour") is a controlled energy sphere technique developed by Frost and used as his signature attack.


To activate it, Frost outstretches his right arm in front of himself and extends the first three digits of his hand (thumb, index, and middle) to evoke the points of a triangle with three tiny orbs of energy manifesting at the tip of each. The orbs spin into a spiral, merging together, whilst three more manifest around Frost's hand and gather in to join the original three. This creates a large orb that levitates just beyond Frost's now fully open hand. Frost draws his arm back, causing a flickering pulse to wash over the orb converting its form into that of a spear tip-like pyramid, and then punches forward to loose the blast against an intended target. It is quite powerful despite Frost's relatively weak energy, but its greatest strength lies in the great control Frost exerts over it. Using telekinesis he maintains complete control over the flight path of the attack, allowing him to guide it through obstacles and past the attacks of his foes to strike at their weakest points. This requires no visible action from Frost himself, causing some of his opponents to mistake it for a naturally homing technique. It is not a "fire and forget" type of blast, and on top of his ability to guide its movements, Frost may also augment the strength of the attack freely, this allows him to clash with the attack of a foe and overcome their attacks by overpowering it with more energy than what his opponent had given off.



  • Karṇa is one of the central figures in the Ancient Indian epic, Mahābhārata. The King of Anga, and a legendary warrior, he was only one to conquer the entire world, and the only one believed capable of besting Arjuna in battle. He single handedly conducted Digvijaya Yatra, the feat of defeating every King in every direction of the world. His life had been full of unlucky missteps and countless curses had been placed upon him over his lifetime, though he managed these immense feats in spite of this, even having several of these curses lifted through his deeds.

Character Meaning[]

  • 軽 (Karu) = Gentle / Light
  • 儺 (Na) = Driving away the Gods of Disease / Dispersal