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Kijo Dark Shenron

Uwan Ankoku Shénlóng
Manga name Kaolin Dark Shenron
Alternate names Kaolin Dark Shenron
Debut Fanga: Evil Dragons of Time Saga
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Spirit of the Dark Dragon Balls
Gender Male
Status Amortal
Occupation Spirit of Shouting and Clay
Allegiance Shadow Dragons of Time
Classification Spirit
  • Dark Shenron (counterpart)
  • Five-Star Dark Dragon (creation)
  • Seven-Star Dark Dragon (creation)
  • Deadly Dark Shenron (brother)
  • Atramentous Dark Shenron (sister)
  • Revenant Dark Shenron (brother)
  • Kaolin Dark Shenron is one of four Spirits of the Dark Dragon Balls and specialises in creating Shadow Dragons that use either Clay-based attacks or Sound-based attacks.

    Personality Edit

    Kaolin seems to be the more strict of the Spirits and condemns Mira for making too many selfish wishes while further condemning Android 9 and Cell-X claiming that his Shadow Dragons are a result of Android 9's wishes. Kaolin is also quite loud as he often shouts unnecessarily.

    Appearance Edit

    Kaolin is a blue and black miniature version of Dark Shenron.

    Biography Edit

    Kaolin Dark Shenron is summoned along with as result too many selfish wishes and he condemns Mira for doing so. As they release their Shadow Dragons into history; they remain in the Palace where Mira seems to be gloating rather concerned about their presences.

    Power Edit

    All four of the Spirits have the exact same power level as each other and are comparable to Super Saiyan Dark: Giant Rola.

    Techniques Edit

    • Hikou - As a Spirit; Revenant simply glides through the air.
    • Shadow Dragons Creation and Displacement - The act of releasing the Shadow Dragons in their normal shadow form through history.
    • Amortality

    Trivia Edit

    • Each of the first letters of the names of the Shadow Dragons and Spirts of the Dark Dragon Ball spell out Dark Shenron's name.
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