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Teen Quentin Saiyan BASE FORM

Quentin's Saiyan Form

Super Dragon Ball Infinity Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: -Son Kanton (Saiyan name)
Birthplace: Wukong Hospital, West City, Earth
Power level: -1 (Infant)

-18 (Kid) -30 (Teen Human) -36,000 (Teen Saiyan)

Homeworld: Earth
Species: -Human (Formerly)


Gender: Male
Birthdate: 2001 C.E. (Specific date unknown)
Height: 5"0 (Teenage/Human form)

5"10 (Teenage/Saiyan form) 58"4 (Great Ape)

Weight: -120 lbs (Human)

-140 lbs (Saiyan) -14000 lbs (Great Ape)

Hair Color: Black (Facial hair)

-Dark Brown (Tail only)

Eye Color: -Hazel Brown (Human)

-Amber Golden (Saiyan)

Mother: Unnamed mother (Presumably deceased)
Father: Unnamed father (Presumably deceased)
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Kanton is the main protagonist of the fanfiction Kanton: Minor to Major. He was the Human who was transformed into a Saiyan because of the landing of a strange meteor.
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