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This article, Kami of Earth (Nikon23's Extended Universe), is the property of Nikon23.

Original Guardian


Date of Birth:
Before 461 Age
Date of Death:
461 Age
  • Dragon Ball Episode #125
  • Appears in:
  • Pre-Dragon Ball
  • Dragon Ball
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Family:
  • Mr. Popo (Former attendent)
  • Garlic (apprentice)
  • Nameless Namekian (apprentice)
  • Kami (Successor)

  • Earth Guardian was one of the former guardains of the earth that makes cameo appearance in Pre Dragon Ball , Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z.

    Early Life:[]

    At some point  he was chosen to become the next guardian of the Earth and watch over the earth high above the lookout. he was a strict but loving guardian. he loves the earth, but hates evil doers. whenever he decides something he rarely changes his mind.

    Pre Dragon Ball:[]

    Dark Age Saga:[]


    in the 461 age, the nameless namekian and garlic becmae his apprentices.  after the nameless anamekin was chosen to be his replacement for the earth's next guardian. his former apprentice, garlci trys to lead a attack onto the lookout failing in him being defeated and seal within a dark crytal that connects to the dead zine. in order for the the namekain namekian to become his successor he was forces to sperate all of the evil in his heart, causing Kami and King Picccolo to be born sooon afterwards. 

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