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Kame as he appears in Chapter One

"You think I care?! You're not the one cursed! You're not the one who was abandoned! You're not the one who has no one!"
— Kame raging

Kame is a young Saiyan hybrid. He is the main character in H.O.P.E. It is unknown who his parents are, as they abandoned him at an early age. His most visible characteristic are the two red scars running from his eyelids and down his cheeks. It is unknown how he got them.

Following the events of H.O.P.E., Kame is revealed to be married to Akara during the events of H.O.P.E. 2.



"Uhh... Pan, are you sure this is the guy? He doesn't exactly look happy to see us..."
— Gohan

Kame's origin is unknown, but he was first found by Pan and her father, Gohan, who were looking for the one she saw in her vision. Upon finding him, Gohan was put off by Kame's reluctance and anger at them for invading his hiding place. He ultimately challenged Gohan to a duel, beating him with a unique Kamehameha. When Gohan is surprised and asks how he learned that, Kame simply replies with "I created it." Shocked at this revelation, Gohan and Pan tell him about Xicor.

Combating Xicor[]

Kame Battle

Kame in the battle with Xicor

"We need to attack as one! Everyone, give me your energy!"
— Kame asking for help against Xicor.

Upon encountering the villain, Kame proved he was worth their while, easily outpacing Xicor and beating him quickly. However, Xicor soon powered up, managing to knock Kame down. When the rest of the New Z-Fighters were overpowered as well, Kame asked for their energy, which they gave (at Pan's urging). This energy allowed Kame to access the Super Saiyan 2 form. He quickly fought Xicor to a standstill. Finally, Kame used his Dragonshot for the first time, quickly tearing through Xicor and killing him.


  • Kamehameha - Kame cups his hands behind his back. A red energy orb forms, and he hurls it forward, powered by a small Ki wave.
  • Dragonshot - Kame charges up to Super Saiyan 2, then thrusts his hands forward, launching an energy blast with a dragon's head at the front.
  • Revenge Strike - He flies forward, and punches his enemy's chest superfast. He then appears behind his enemy and kicks him/her multiple times on the head. He ends it with a final energy blast.