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Appears in Dragonball Ultimate
Race Saiyan (Genetically Engineered)
Date of birth Unknown
Height 5'3"
Weight 150 lbs

Kale (ケール, Keiru) is a genetically engineered Saiyan of unknown origin, believed to have been cloned from the DNA of Son Goku from an unknown scientist. He currently wanders the earth, looking for a purpose as well as the ones who created him. His is the main protagonist of Dragon Ball: Ultima.


Kale bears the appearance of a typical Saiyan, despite being genetically engineered. He has short black hair that spikes up, along with solid blue eyes. He has a very well built muscular frame, of which is considerably greater than most Elite Saiyans, and makes him a very physically intimidating presence. His attire is initially a white, prototype AEGIS suit with a red logo embedded into it's chest, but he later switches out to a more casual appearance consisting of a black shirt with the same red logo, jeans and military boots.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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