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Kakarotta is Goku's twin sister and the child of Bardock and Gine, and the younger sister of Raditz and Pinruta


She is good, willing to safrifice her life to save her brother


She was killed by prince Bartek, blasting her, leaving only her bra. After BH saga, she was brouth back to life, but haven't appeared since then


  • She was pulled first than Goku from Gine's belly, but due to the fact BH doesn't believe in "younger twin/older twin", Kakarotta and Goku are just the younger siblings of Raditz and Pinruta
    • Keep in mind that Pinruta is the true "older sister" to Goku, which BH comments that it's scary for him to have an older sister (hence why his family only contains older brothers, not counting Chi-Chi's clone as his sister in law)
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