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  In this story, Kakarot was born with a higher power level so bumping head didn’t give him amnesia, so he never becomes Goku. Kakarot easily destroyed all life on Earth when he transformed into a great ape. Thanks to Vegeta he has learned the Galick Gun and how to create artificial moons. Kakarot became a Super Saiyan when Raditz was killed by Cooler. He defeated Broly by outsmarting him with Vegeta’s help. He later settled down in a conquered planet which was named Planet Vegeta. Kakarot followed all of Vegeta's orders even though he is stronger than him.


Kakarot Black Gi

Goku's clone

Great ape goku
Race: Saiyan
Birth: 737
Family: Bardock(father) Raditz(brother) Kakarot junior(son) Rorokat (descendant) Kofa (descendant) Tarbo (descendant) Daia (descendant)
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