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Kakarot The Saiyan


Kakarot is a Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta. He was sent to Earth in a Saiyan space pod to destroy it. When he landed, a strange traveler named Gohan discovered him. Gohan was unable to control the savage infant but insisted on keeping him. Young Kakarot almost fell into a ravine one day (which in DBZ, transofrmed him into the kind-hearted Goku) but Gohan caught the child seconds before his descent. Afterwards, the Saiyan became even more rowdy and Gohan was forced to use the Evil Containment Wave to trap him in a salt shaker, given to him by Baba. Gohan then proceeded to give the shaker to the Lord Monarch of the World. Kakarot would break out of his containment almost 15 years later and wreak havoc on Earth, inevitably battling Arashi.


  • Rukkora Ray
  • Fatality Crash
  • Cosmic Ripper
  • Wicked Sun
  • Galaxy Crusher


  • Due to the birth of Gohan, it is assumed (and strongly hinted at) that he raped Chi-Chi.