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Name Meaning: Kaiso (Kaiso = Jap for Seaweed), Hebisaru (Play on Hebi Saru which is Jap for Serpent Monkey)

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 180 Lbs (Semi-Muscular)

Sex: Male

Alignment: ?????

Born: Age 768 (25 years old)

Race: Saiyan

Home: Planet Ripev (Birthplace)

Combat Power: ????? (Dependent on both current Forme and emotional state)

Occupation: Martial Artist, Galactic Traveler

Goals: ?????


  Father: Retawn-Melos (Saiyan/Deceased)

  Mother-Birth: Serpira (Locubran/Deceased)

  Mother (In-Law): ??? (Red Namekian)

  Wife: Ulitka (Red Namekian)


Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Ouroboros, S-Ouroboros

Description: Black smooth/spiky hair (aka Crisis Core FFVII Zack PTS), red eyes, medium build, no facial hair, wears black combat boots, long camo pants, and tan muscle t-shirt, black sleeveless leather vest, and white bandages that cover his fingers and end just short of his elbows.

Aura Color:

 Base: Deep Grey that fades to white.

 SS1/2: Golden Yellow (SS2 add lightning)

 Ouroboros: See Base

 S-Ouroboros: Same as SS2

Bio: The child of Retawn-Melos and Serpira, His father was killed by Turles before he was born for falling in love with Serpira instead of killing her. Kaiso was raised by his mother who died shortly after his 19th birthday, he then decided to leave the planet and kill Turles for killing his father and depriving his mother of the man she loved. He later met his fiance Ulitka, a Red-Namekian dragon warrior. (her role was basically the equivalent of being Guru's assistant) And they traveled the Galaxy together.

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