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Legend of the Saiyan God Character
Vital statistics
Birthplace: His Parent's Home
Power level: Absolute Maximum - God Ki 200 (Super Saiyan God 3)
Current Maximum - God Ki 60 (Super Saiyan God 3)
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Saiyan/Human Hybrid
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Age 803
Universe-K (20)
Date of Death: Sometime Between 5 Million Before Age & Age 700 (Revived shortly afterward)
Height: 6 Feet, 1 Inch
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Light Blond (Super Saiyan)
Blue (Super Saiyan God)
Eye Color: Brown
Light Blue (Super Saiyan)
Blue (Super Saiyan God)
Position: Agent of Destruction for Universe K (20)
Agent of Creation for Universe 7 (B) (formerly)
Mother: Chaya
Father: Bruse
Spouse(s): Allie
Children: Z (Universe-B) (adopted son)
Kentas (half-clone/genetic son)
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): (Pre Time/Space-Travel)
Age 803-Age 828
(Post Time/Space-Travel)
5 Million before Age-Present Age
Allies: Allie
Earth's Defenders
Supreme Kais
Enemies: Demigra
Demon Trio (Dabura, Towa, and Mira)
Zamasu (Goku Black, Future Zamasu, Supreme Zamasu)
Zero (Universe-K)

Kaestos is a Saiyan-Human hybrid from Universe-20 (K) and is the only protector of earth still alive from his home universe.

At the end of his second fight with Demigra, Kaestos was accidentally blown into Universe-7 (B), appearing 5 Million Before Age.

Kaestos lived for many years with Allie and Z on a small planet similar those occupied by the regular Kais, at Allie's behest they moved to Earth so Z could start developing friends his own age.


As a child he was filled with doubt about his place among the seasoned protectors of Earth. This uncertainty lasted until an older member reassured him that he was just as important as any of the older members, calming him and letting Kaestos feel more at ease among them.

Kaestos developed a strong bond with the Defenders of Earth and thought of them as a family by the time he was 17 years old. He also had some feelings of inferiority, due to being unable to achieve Super Saiyan 2.

For his early life, Kaestos had a sunny personality. This changed dramatically in the aftermath of Zero's invasion, with Kaestos struggling against a growing cynicism that could lead to a callous disregard for people around him. Despite this change, Kaestos never stopped trying to protect Earth from threats. Beginning to train successors in the event of his death was good for him, during this course of this mentorship he started recovering emotionally.

Even after confronting that darkness which once consumed him, mentions of Zero can bring back that darker personality. Similarly, during all genuine fights he adopts a far more cruel and ruthless mindset.

His views on death changed dramatically upon becoming an Agent of Creation for Shin, viewing it as almost a non-issue despite the disagreement of Shin and the other Kais or how traumatic it can be to those who are still alive. Because of this, he tends to only act in the physical universe if a threat emerges which threatens all life, such as Cell or Buu.


Early Life[]

Kaestos was born in Age 803, becoming a member of his planet's protectors from a young age.

His youth throughout the following years was a source of discomfort, viewing himself as not worthy of membership in this group. Like many of his friends, Kaestos managed to achieve Super Saiyan at a young age. He specifically gained it at the age of 8, becoming the youngest Super Saiyan of his Era's Protectors.

Kaestos found himself falling behind, most of the other protectors achieved Super Saiyan 2 or equivalent forms while he couldn't surpass the initial transformation. Due to this, he trained twice as hard in order to not be a burden and mastered the initial Super Saiyan transformation before any other Z-Warrior from his Era. Kaestos also utilized and attempted to reduce the strain from the Power Stressed and Weighted forms in the event he needed to use them for more power.

Kaestos and his allies protected Earth many times from forces too strong for the normal military to deal with and quickly became known as the Heroes of Earth.

When he was 17 Kaestos was the first to feel a massive amount of different Ki signatures coming towards Earth and prepared for an invasion.

Invasion of Earth, the Legend Begins[]

In Age 820 the newest leader of the Galactic Trade Organization, Zero, assaulted Earth with his army.

They had trained for years to fight and humiliate the protectors of Earth as punishment for prior defiance, sending elite fighters to challenge Earth's champions in 3-on-1 fights.

Kaestos was confronted in a jungle on the south-eastern continent, barely managing to defeat his foes while the other Protectors defended East City, and they too managed to defeat their enemies after a grueling fight. As they were recovering, Zero appeared and brutalized the exhausted warriors.

Kaestos rushed to South-East city when his friend's energy disappear, and when he arrived East City was a silent, ruined town. Kaestos searched for his brothers in arms, hoping against hope that they were alive; to his horror, Kaestos found them dead and mutilated, with their murderer Zero taunting the overwhelmed teenager.

Seeing his friends die, their bodies desecrated, and Zero's callous words pushed Kaestos over the edge and in his grief, he finally ascended to Super Saiyan 2 and began a brutal deathmatch with the tyrant. Zero found himself immediately outmatched by the furious Saiyan and went into his Super Evolution in an attempt to survive the encounter.

Kaestos unleashed his full fury in the fight, finally killing Zero after making him suffer, breaking the monster's body and soul.

Upon defeating his foe, Kaestos collapsed to the ground, left with only enough strength to let out an earth-shaking wail.

Defending Earth

Kaestos trained for 3 years to master his new power and tried to move on from the tragedy that he had experienced.

One day while training he was ambushed by a human supremacist group. They formed during the original Protectors era under the belief that superpowered warriors were an unacceptable threat to earth's inhabitants and had spent decades developing advanced robots to fight such beings. 5 specially designed androids were sent to kill him and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensured, the half Saiyan's energy depleted rapidly by the android's absorption units which forcing Kaestos to retreat.

The androids searched for Kaestos for several days until, annoyed, they began threatening to destroy entire cities if he didn't confront them.

Responding to the ultimatum, Kaestos confronted the androids above East City. Managing to keep his ki close to his body, Kaestos prevented the absorption units from functioning properly and made short work of the HSAs. Later on, along with the planetary defense force, he located their designer and arrested the man.

Disturbed by the man's rant, which pointed out that if Kaestos were to ever turn there was nothing on the planet that could stop him, the half-saiyan began searching for gifted Earthlings to train.

Cyborgs and Students

Finding several people over the course of seven months, Kaestos began the process of reformulating the Protectors of Earth.

During this time, a second scientist named Dr. Wile began work on a group of nine specially-made cybernetically enhanced humans. They were taken from heroic and moral people that had been injured and were thus willing to subject themselves to the experimentation.

A few months into the new Protectors' training, the nine cyborgs were sent to test themselves against Kaestos — they were lied to by Dr. Wile, who made them believe Kaestos was in fact a villainous figure threatening the world.

Out Of This World

Demon Trouble

Only two months after Bojack and his crew were cowed and the Big Gette Star was destroyed, a powerful demonic trio arrived on Earth intend on finding powerful fighters.

Kaestos, his students, and the Cyber-Nine sensed their approach and met the demons at separate locations.

Kneel before your new Gods

Kaestos felt an unusual pressure before Demon God Demigra appeared before him. Despite being driven off the Demon Trio's efforts were not in vain, as they found sufficient energy elsewhere to release Demigra from his prison in the Demon Realm. The freed god was now prepared to kill anyone who opposed him.

Demigra ordered the Saiyan to kneel before his new god, but the Unleashed Saiyan refused.

Kaestos powered up to his full might and entered Ultimate Super Saiyan form to confront Demigra. Kaestos attacked Demigra for a time but was utterly unable to harm him and was defeated by the Demon God in just two hits, forcing the Ultimate Super Saiyan to use all his energy just to survive.

Yen noticed Demigra's return and decided to give his deceased allies one day to return to Earth where they transferred their Super Saiyan energy to him. Kaestos was shocked by their appearance and the power they held as they gave him their energy; known only to Yen, was the legend of the Saiyan God, a transformation formed by the power of Five Pure-hearted Super Saiyans transferred into One. Thus as his friends transferred their energy Kaestos transformed into a new form, Saiyan God.

Demigra confronted the newly empowered Saiyan, with Kaestos managing to match Demigra and barely managed to drive the Demon God off.

Protector of the Realm

Rum appeared to the new Godly Saiyan and when he offered to train Kaestos he quickly agreed to it, knowing that Demigra wouldn't stop until either he or the Demon God were dead. Leaving Earth to his students, Kaestos gave them a goodbye while admitting how proud he was of their progress and that Earth was in good hands with them. With that said he left with Rum and Vod to begin training to defeat Demigra.

One year into his training Kaestos was informed by Rum that an old enemy of the Saiyan's had gained a tremendous amount of power. Zero was throwing the Otherworld into chaos. Zero had been training in Hell for years and had reached his full potential by attaining Ultimate Evolution, and was now powerful enough to begin destabilizing the afterlife and defeat Hell's wardens.

Rum sent Kaestos to Hell in order to deal with his most hated foe, and as for Zero he now had his nemesis in his grasp. Zero and Kaestos wasted no time searching for the other, both eager for revenge.

At their confrontation Zero challenged Kaestos to use some of the God Power that Yenma had been forced to inform him that the Saiyan had, Kaestos eagerly obliged his foe and entered Super Saiyan God. The two foes clashed once more, and to Kaestos' shock, he was slightly outmatched by Zero as he had gained a tremendous amount of power in the years between their last fight.

Despite gaining incredible power Zero, in his hubris, neglected his stamina and underestimated the extreme strain his new form put on his body. As the fight wore on it became increasingly clear he was losing power faster than the saiyan was. Eventually exhausting himself, Zero exited his Golden Form and was left at the mercy of Kaestos.

Kaestos, upon defeating him, was more than prepared to wipe Zero from the face of existence by destroying his soul. Before he did this the dead Protectors, including his parents, appeared to try and stop him. Kaestos angrily questioned why they were trying to save the tyrant with Mathazar declared they wasn't trying to save Zero, they were trying to save him.

Rum had appeared in Hell at the new development and looked on as his student's energy fluctuated with intrigue, curious to see what he would do.

Despite his great anger and hate of Zero, Kaestos only ensured his enemy couldn't break free from his new imprisonment and readied to leave Zero behind him once and for all.

To Kill a God

Four years after Kaestos defeated Zero he completed Rum's training with his God Ki, attaining and nearly mastering his strongest form; Super Saiyan God 3.

Kaestos felt the Demon God return in Age 828.

The two godlike warriors met on a lifeless planet. Both had gained an enormous amount power, easily outstripping anyone else in their universe. Demigra was ecstatic that he had found an individual that could give him a proper fight, but he was determined to kill Kaestos and entered a new form; Demon God Dragon. Rising to the occasion, Kaestos entered Super Saiyan God 3 and proclaimed it to be the limit of a saiyan's power, and Demigra was once more delighted that he had found a foe who could truly match him.

Demigra admitted that the Demon God Dragon state was his limit as well, and the battle to decide their universe's fate began.

Their first clash shook the universe, the continued conflict threatened to destroy even the fabric of their reality. After only a few seconds Kaestos was badly injured, rendered almost immobile while an almost equally weakened Demigra prepared to kill his foe with his Ultimate Technique; Demon God Bomb.

Thankfully a surprise attack from Vod weakened the Demon God and allowed the Super Saiyan God to recover just in time to deal a fatal injury to Demigra, however, the bomb still went off.

Goin back in Time

Demigra's Demon God Bomb, while weakened from Vod's sneak attack, hit Kaestos and sent him hurtling through Space and Time before ending up in 5 Million Before Age of the Prime Universe.

Kaestos found himself in the ice area of Supreme Kai's planet, greatly weakened from his fight against Demigra and the space-time travel.

He was found by the Western Supreme Kai shortly before Kid Buu appeared to attack her, and when the Majin appeared Kaestos severed one of its arms with an attack of God Ki, which surprisingly didn't regenerate or possess any Ki.

Kid Buu focused on the Western Supreme Kai when he appeared, who was sadly killed with Kaestos collapsing from his injuries shortly after driving the Majin off.

As he was losing consciousness Kaestos felt another Ki come into existence, and when he turned his gaze to the limb he saw the arm of Kid Buu turn into another being, a female Majin that asked who she was before Kaestos finally fell unconscious.

Kaestos woke up in a cave later on and the first thing he saw being the face of the female Majin, who he asked why she hadn't killed him yet.

To his surprise the Majin seemed genuinely distressed at the idea that she was a bad person, almost bursting into tears at the thought of being evil.

Kaestos calmed her down before asking her name and explaining what that word and concept meant upon being asked. Kaestos was surprised the Majin requested that he give her a name, and came up with the name "Allie" from the magic word "Alakazam!"

Allie beamed at her new name and rushed towards Kaestos, giving him a hug as thanks. While Kaestos was happy that she seemed benevolent, the hug aggravated his injuries, frightening the Majin when he let out a scream of pain.

After explaining why he had yelled out to the frightened Majin, Kaestos elected to stay with her so he could recover, and keep a close eye on Allie.

After two weeks he found nothing remotely malevolent in Allie's behavior, however, the remaining Supreme Kai had felt their energy on the planet and decided to investigate. 

Kaestos went out to meet the deity while suggesting to Allie that she should remain hidden for now. The Supreme Kai sensed energy similar to that of Buu and desired to destroy the potential threat, but after meeting with her decided against trying for now as she didn't feel malevolent.

Having no way to return home, Kaestos made a deal with Shin and Whis, who acted on Beerus' behalf, allowing him agelessness in exchange for protecting Shin from any threats. Additionally, he would assist Shin in his tasks as a Supreme Kai as a sort of Agent of Creation.


"You've got the stuff kid, I'll give ya that. In fact, you might be exactly what we need to stop those three."
— Yen gauging Kaestos' potential.

Kaestos has gained a great deal of power over his long life and can choose between using God Ki and Normal Ki by entering his Beyond Saiyan God state for God Ki and suppressing it for Normal Ki. After being sent into Universe-B and five million years into the past, Kaestos gradually lost his motivation to train regularly, slowly but surely losing his godlike strength and ending up a mere fraction of what it had been by the time of Freeza's first death.

Normal Ki[]

While a child of 5 years old Kaestos held impressive amounts of power and was roughly equal to Captain Ginyu in his prime.

When he started training with his world's Protectors his power jumped and attained Super Saiyan at the age of 6, being stronger than Android 19 or 20 while in Super Saiyan.

When he turned 14, Kaestos was strong enough to outmatch Android 17.

When he was 17 years old, Kaestos was somewhat stronger than his fellow Defenders of Earth while in equivalent forms. Kaestos was able to defeat three elite members of Zero's army. When finally entering Super Saiyan 2 his power skyrocketed and enabled him to overwhelm and kill Zero, who was strong enough to defeat 5 tired Super Saiyan 2s.

During the time after Zero's invasion Kaestos spent more effort into mastering his current power rather than increasing it, allowing him to fight longer and more efficiently. During his battles with the Human Supremacist Androids, the half-saiyan struggled against them as a Super Saiyan, but was victorious as a Super Saiyan 2. Against the Cyber-Nine Cyborgs, Kaestos retained the advantage in their fights even after they received upgraded bodies until their surrender. His own students compared Kaestos' power as a Super Saiyan 2 in this time with a supernova.

The Galactic Community detected Kaestos' power and thought him the only one who could defeat the Big Gette Star, an assessment he proved correct. The initial droids sent by the Big Gette were dispatched without fanfare while he was just Super Saiyan, though the subsequent groups of Assault Machines required him to enter Super Saiyan 2 and, due to their increasing numbers, later forced Kaestos to attack the Big Gette star itself. Big Gette: Evolved, a super-fighter model and incarnation of the Big Gette's Star into a new form was powerful enough to force Kaestos to utilize the risky and untested Super Saiyan 3 to hold the upper hand and win.

Barack and his crew considered Kaestos dangerous enough to avoid plundering Earth until he was off planet and sufficiently distracted, with the pirate band leader admitting all of them would fall to the half-saiyan's Super Saiyan 2 transformation.

Kaestos found his first true match in the form of Mira, one of a trio of demonic fighters. As a Super Saiyan 3 he could only equal the demon and was defeated when Towa and Dabura arrived to assist their companion.

Upon training with the Old Kai and unleashing his full potential Kaestos became powerful enough that he could outmatch the Demon Trio by himself, even when Mira entered into a further transformation by absorbing Towa and Dabura's energy.

As an Ultimate Super Saiyan, Kaestos was able to scratch the newly released Demigra.

Five Million years after entering Universe-B Kaestos gradually slacked off on his training, losing most of his power as a result. In fact, Kaestos was unable to use God Ki, Potential Unleashed, or Super Saiyan 2 when he first met Universe-B's Defenders of Earth.

As a normal Super Saiyan, Kaestos was weaker than Semi-Perfect Cell. After training on and off for over three years, his power increased a good deal, enough to contend with a Cell Jr. and even managed to barely kill one when using a Super Explosive Wave point blank as an Ultra Super Saiyan.

After seeing Cell's strength, and recognizing just how much he had let himself go, Kaestos spent a great deal of time training to regain his power. When the demon Janemba arose from the rampant evil in Universe-7's Hell, he was able to fight off the creature long enough to exorcise it while Super Saiyan 3.

When Buu reawakened, Kaestos was more powerful than the Majin while a Super Saiyan 3, however he didn't have the energy reserves to kill it. Training in the Hyperbolic time chamber for one whole day, his power increased somewhat. Due to this and focusing on his stamina, Kaestos was able to enter Ascended Super Saiyan 3 and contend with Super Buu evenly.

After Beerus' awakening Kaestos trained alongside Gohan and Piccolo for some time; in Ultimate Super Saiyan he was equal to 30% of the tyrant's Mastered Final Form might.

By the time of Champa and Beerus' tournament over the Super Dragon Balls, Kaestos had regained most of his power. After dealing with Zamasu, Kaestos' mortal power was finally back to its fullest.

God Ki[]

During his first time as a Saiyan God, Kaestos held a God Ki of 9 and was on par with a newly released Demigra.

Kaestos was later trained by Rum for some time, and after one year his Beyond Saiyan God form had a God Ki of .01, and as a Super Saiyan God, he had a Ki of 10.

After training with Rum for four years he gained more power than Beerus or Vod and held a God Ki of 0.5 without transforming, and his Super Saiyan God had a God Ki of 50. As a Super Saiyan God 2 he had a God Ki of 100 at his strongest. As a Super Saiyan God 3 at his strongest, Kaestos had a God ki of 200.

When encountering Beerus on Wagashi during his vacation Kaestos had lost some power, only holding a God Ki of .20 in his base god form.

After almost 5 Million years Kaestos slacked off on his training and he couldn't actually access God Ki any longer.

In preparation for the fight against the revived Freeza, he attempted to train with God Ki but found it too difficult with his normal Ki being so low, and instead trained with his mortal power alongside Gohan and Piccolo. Further training after Freeza was killed made God ki was accessible once more.

Shortly before the conflicts against Goku Black and Future Zamasu, Kaestos held a God Ki of .15 in his base form.

As a Super Saiyan God 2, he could contend with Super Saiyan White Supreme Zamasu, but he was unable to do substantial damage to the immortal fusion. When Zamasu's Super Saiyan White form mutated it put Kaestos thoroughly on the defensive and he would have died if not for Allie's intervention.

By the time of the Multiversal Tournament, Kaestos had regained only a bit more of his power.


During his long lifetime Kaestos has gained many skills common to Ki fighters, and a few he invented on his own or learned from others. Due to being an honorary Attendant Supreme Kai he also has a few perks regarding the Afterlife and healing abilities.

  • Ki Sense - Kaestos can detect the energy of beings over great distances and with great clarity. He could detect Beerus awakening from Earth.
  • High Energy Reserves - Kaestos has very high reserves of energy and is capable of using techniques that would be prohibitively taxing for most people several times without tiring out. He is also able to maintain very draining transformations while out of practice for a reasonable amount of time, enough that his wife Allie was surprised.
  • Ki Control - Having five million years to master whatever he put his mind to, Kaestos has attained incredible control over his own power. He can suppress his power to the degree that, when as powerful as Goku was on Namek, he can appear to the untrained sensor as weak as Turtle, causing less skilled opponents to underestimate him. His ki control also extends to his flight ability, Kaestos has learned how it "pulls" or "pushes" the user in highly specific areas such as his fist or foot and can use this to his advantage when fighting to dodge attacks or enhance his blows.
  • Martial Artist - When he was younger, Kaestos was only an average fighter in technical aspects, having a very rough and unrefined combative style that relied heavily on his ki-based abilities to make up for it. After training with Vod and Rum his skill become more refined, though still unimaginative. When he arrived in Universe 7 Kaestos had ample opportunity to learn a large variety of martial arts forms and techniques, becoming a highly-skilled fighter. Compared to the instinctive, disciplined style of Son Goku or the highly precise, analytical style of Vegeta, Kaestos tends towards a very unpredictable and tricky style of combat with lots of acrobatic feats.
  • God Ki Transfer - Kaestos can send his God Ki to others, usually as a method of healing. It is possible for him to unlock another's own godly potential, though he rarely does this and so far only intentionally granted Future Trunks God Ki.
  • Telekinesis - Kaestos can manipulate objects mentally. He is somewhat imprecise with this technique and cannot use it on objects smaller than one of his arms. When used against beings substantially weaker than him Kaestos can kill them quickly. Beings need to be hundreds, if not thousands of times weaker than Kaestos' base state for this to work.
  • Instantaneous Movement - Learned while working with the Supreme Kai of Universe 7, Kaestos can teleport across vast distances with a thought so long as he both knows where he is going and has the energy to reach it.
  • Super Saiyan Power - Kaestos can utilize up to 50% of his Super Saiyan power, mortal or divine, without transforming.
  • Super Explosive Wave - Kaestos used this technique as an Ultra Super Saiyan against a Cell Jr., allowing him to kill it.
  • Unending Revolution - Forcing his aura to rotate around his body like a tornado, Kaestos can inflict continuous damage on an opponent by holding his fist to them, dealing the full force of one of his punches as long as he keeps in contact with them. He had to create this technique when facing off against Super Buu to contend with his foe's regenerative powers.
    • Unending Revolution: Energy Sphere - A further development, this technique is an orb of energy that surrounds Kaestos' enemy and constantly bombards them with destructive power. He used this against Super Buu to try and overwhelm his regeneration ability to no avail.
  • Shining Blast/Godly Blast - This Ki attack is Kaestos' signature move; it is a wave of lime-green Ki with green lightning coming off and is usually fired with one hand. It can be fired with two hands for a power boost at the cost of doubling the Ki usage. When in his Super Saiyan God forms this attack is blue with white lightning coming off it.
  • Ragnarok - Kaestos enters his most powerful form before summoning all of his power and channeling it into a wave of energy that is sent at his opponent.
  • Fatal Journey - Kaestos uses this technique when determined to kill someone, rushing towards and landing a devastating combo before hitting them with a Shining Blast. Kaestos first used this to kill Zero while a Super Saiyan 3, and later he attempted to use this to kill Kid Buu, but because of his exhaustion and injuries from fighting Demigra - in addition to the dimensional/time travel he experienced - it only did a minor amount of damage to the Majin which was easily regenerated.
  • Time Freeze - At some point during the 5 million years before meeting the Protectors of Universe-B's Earth Kaestos learned this ability, however, he claims to not be skilled with its usage and considers it his most draining technique. He used it against Super Buu, getting behind his guard several times, stopping time for roughly .3 seconds every time. Entities stronger than Kaestos will be affected less by this power, at sufficient levels of power they can move unencumbered while he stops time.
  • Mystical Disguise - At some point during the 5 Million years that Kaestos lived in Universe-B, before meeting the Protectors of Earth, he discovered how to change his appearance with a realistic illusion. He only did this to cover up his, at the time, seemingly permanent Super Saiyan-colored hair and eyes; this technique is unable to be maintained when he powers up. As of the renewed conflicts against Buu, he stopped altering his appearance as it had reverted back to normal.
  • Halted Aging (Creation/Destruction Contract-Dependent) - Kaestos' ability to age has been halted due to a Contract with Shin and by extension Beerus. His eternal youth is linked to the lives of the current Supreme Kai and God of Destruction of Universe-7 (B). As long as Beerus and Shin live, Kaestos will not age. When he left to serve the gods of his home universe, Kaestos began aging normally.
  • Otherworld Access - As an honorary Supreme Kai he can enter and exit the Otherworld without breaking divine law.
  • Sealing Technique: Kami - Though he was only an Honorary Supreme Kai, Kaestos was taught the sealing technique used by Gods. His only known use of it was against the Makaioshin, Zamasu, with the Supreme Kai of Universe-B, Shin, and the Supreme Kai of Universe-G, Gowasu, also using the technique while Goku and Future Trunk's used the mortal sealing technique Mafuba. Together they split Zamasu's spirit into five separate parts.
  • The Language of the Gods - Kaestos was taught the language known only to Deities and a select few other individuals by Shin after he was made an Honorary Supreme Kai.
  • Healing (Agent of Creation Dependent) - Kaestos has the ability to heal minor and moderate injuries when an Agent of Creation. He cannot heal critical injuries. After leaving his role as Agent of Creation he has lost this ability.

Forms & Transformations[]

  • Super Saiyan - Kaestos first gained this form at the age of 8, becoming the youngest Super Saiyan of his generation. This form increases his power by a factor of 50.
    • Mastered Super Saiyan - Unlike the Power Stressed forms this is a mastering of the initial Super Saiyan state. This mastery allows him to fight for much longer and with a clear mind. Kaestos had been in this form for so long that his hair and eyes were Super Saiyan colored for many years even in base form. As of Age 770, his hair and eye colors have gone back to their normal black and brown respectively when in his base form.
  • Power Stressed Super Saiyan - Kaestos once utilized these transformations which increased the initial Super Saiyan forms power, but they held some heavy disadvantages. Once he attained Super Saiyan 2 he stopped using them except in extreme circumstances.
    • Ascended Super Saiyan - An advancement in the power of the original Super Saiyan state and form increases his power by a factor of 65, but uses a good deal more power. Kaestos eventually managed to mitigate the stamina drain of this power-up.
    • Ultra Super Saiyan - An even stronger advancement in the power of the original Super Saiyan state, this form increases his power by a factor of 80, however, it lacks speed as the increased muscle size restricts movement and tires Kaestos out faster by just moving his body. Eventually, he managed to mitigate the stamina drain of this power up to a degree. He can use this power augmentation in his higher Super Saiyan forms. His first used the normal Ultra Super Saiyan state in battle against a Cell Jr. he already had barely managed to restrain, allowing Kaestos to crush and kill it with great effort and energy loss.
  • Super Saiyan 2 - Kaestos gained this form when confronting Zero, which allowed him to topple the emperor of the universe. This form increases his power by a factor of 100. By the time he first encountered the Defenders of Earth-7 (B), Kaestos was unable to enter this form or higher ones even after training for three years due to a lack of necessary raw power.
    • Mastered Super Saiyan 2 - Kaestos attained this state sometime after Super Saiyan 3. Due to this mastery, he can enter Super Saiyan 2 without notably increased ki consumption or personality changes.
  • Super Saiyan 3 - Acquired after dealing with the android menace and having time to push his limits, this form increases a Saiyan's power by a factor of 400.
    • Mastered Super Saiyan 3 - After Kaestos ascended to Super Saiyan 3 he trained to master all of his new forms, reducing the strain and massive ki consumption of this form to practical levels.
    • Ascended Super Saiyan 3 - Only ever used against Janemba's Final Form, Kaestos was able to fight the demon evenly and eventually defeat it. According to Kaestos, maintaining Ascended Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3 at the same time was a nightmare.
    • Ultra Super Saiyan 3 - Kaestos could theoretically combine the Power Stressed Super Saiyan form with Super Saiyan 3 to greatly increase power at the cost of speed and stamina.
  • 'Potential Unleashed - Kaestos' potential was fully released by the Grand Supreme Kai of his universe after he was outmatched and nearly killed by Mira, Towa, and Dabura; this powered-up state gave him the power needed to match and gradually defeat the demons. This form grants him greater power than Super Saiyan 3, but the fact that it doesn't drain his energy is the actual advantage of this state. He is also able to use his previous Super Saiyan transformations in this state which he refers to as Unleashed Super Saiyan.
    • Ultimate Super Saiyan - When Kaestos was fighting Demigra he entered this form, which gives a power boost equal to Super Saiyan 3 on top of the power increased of Potential Unleashed but without an equivalent strain to normal Super Saiyan 3. At the time this level of power was nowhere near enough for Kaestos to challenge or even really injure the Demon God. During the conflict against the resurrected Freeza, a near peak power Kaestos entered this form which enabled him to equal 30% of Freeza's power.
  • Saiyan God - Despite the vast power Kaestos gained as an Ultimate Super Saiyan, it wasn't anywhere near enough when he fought Demigra and when the Grand Supreme Kai saw this he granted Kaestos' deceased friends permission to return to Earth and restore his energy. Five pure-hearted Saiyans gave him their Ki and to their surprise, it granted Kaestos this form. Kaestos later referred to this form as Saiyan God due to it looking like his normal form with a red aura and godly power. Demigra found that the Saiyan equaled his weakened state in their first fight while in this form. Kaestos had a God Ki of 9 at the time.
    • Beyond Saiyan God - This is simply his normal state after absorbing the power of a Saiyan God into himself. Kaestos first held a God Ki of .05 in this form, a God Ki of .125 when facing Zero after one year of training, and after he trained with Rum for 4 more years he held a God Ki of .5 at his strongest. When fighting Beerus years later he had a God Ki of .20. After 5 Million years of slacking off of his training Kaestos' God Ki was only .03 in this form, but by the time of Champa's tournament, it was 0.1. Shortly before the conflict against Black and Zamasu, Kaestos had regained even more power, holding a God Ki of .2 in this form.
    • Chou Super Saiyan - Kaestos is able to use this form which increases his power by a factor of 10, but he almost never uses it due to mastering Super Saiyan God. After further mastering his godly power, Kaestos increased the power multiplication to 25, rendering the further Chou Super Saiyan forms pointless.
    • Chou Super Saiyan 2 - Kaestos can enter this even stronger transformation that increases his power by a factor of 15. After mastering his Saiyan God power Kaestos no longer needs to use this transformation.
    • Chou Super Saiyan 3 - Kaestos can use this transformation but has only done it once, as it requires more energy than Super Saiyan God while giving a lesser power boost of only 25. After mastering his Saiyan God power Kaestos no longer needs to use this transformation.
  • Godly Super Saiyan - When facing Beerus on Wagashi, Kaestos entered this form due to his rage at that time. It granted him a power multiplication of 45. After mastering Super Saiyan God to a greater degree, Kaestos cannot accidentally enter this form and must deliberately choose to access it with an obtuse method.
  • Super Saiyan God - Kaestos can enter this state which is similar to his first Super Saiyan state but with blue hair. This form originally required a clear head to access and was unable to be used if he was enraged beforehand, however after an encounter with Beerus this flaw was identified and overcome. This transformation increases his power by a factor of 100.
    • Temporarily Completed Super Saiyan God - While he never took the time to actually master this form, he did learn how to use it for a short time, averaging only two seconds before he can no longer contain the power within himself. Kaestos only ever used this form as a psychological tactic against a god-ki enhanced Zero.
  • Super Saiyan God 2 - After Kaestos finished his training with Rum he gained this form, which looks like his Super Saiyan 2 form with blue hair and it increases his power by a factor of 200.
  • Super Saiyan God 3 - After Kaestos finished his training with Rum he gained this form, which looks like his Super Saiyan 3 form with blue hair. This transformation increases his power by a factor of 400.


  • Kaego - By using the Metamorese fusion technique along with Gohan, Kaestos assisted in the formation of one of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse.

List of characters killed/destroyed by Kaestos[]

  • One Hundred World Trade Organization soldiers
  • 4 WTO Elites
  • Zero
  • 5 Human Supremacist Androids
  • 1 Cell Jr.

Fights & Conflicts[]

  • Kaestos (Mastered Super Saiyan/2nd Grade Super Saiyan) VS WTO Elites (Won)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan 2) VS Zero (Super Evolution) (Won)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan) VS Human Supremacist Androids (Kaestos Retreated)
  • HSAs VS Kaestos (Super Saiyan 2): Round 2 (Won)
  • Cyber-Nine VS Kaestos (base/Super Saiyan) (inconclusive)
  • Upgraded Cyber-Nine VS Kaestos (Super Saiyan) (draw)
  • Refitted Cyber-Nine VS Kaestos (Super Saiyan/2) (won)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan/2/3) VS Big Gette Star (Guard Droids/Fighter Unit/Fighter Unit Army/Gette: Evolved) (Won)
  • Mira VS Kaestos (Super Saiyan 2/3) (Interrupted)
  • Demonic Trio (Dabura, Towa, and Mira) VS Kaestos (Super Saiyan 3) (Loss)
  • Demonic Trio VS Kaestos (Potential Unleashed): Round 2 (Won, Demonic Trio retreats)
  • Demon God Demigra VS Kaestos (Ultimate Super Saiyan) (Loss)
  • Kaestos (Saiyan God) VS Demon God Demigra (Draw)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan God) VS Zero (Ultimate Evolution) (Kaestos wins, Zero is imprisoned in a secure cage in Hell)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan God 3), Vod, and Rum VS Demigra (Demon God Dragon) (Won; Kaestos accidentally sent 5 Million years into the past in Universe-B; Demigra retreats to Universe-D)
  • Kaestos (Battle Weary) and Western Supreme Kai VS Kid Buu (Kid Buu is driven off; Kaestos falls unconscious; Western Supreme Kai is killed)
  • Kaestos (Beyond Saiyan God/Godly Super Saiyan) VS Beerus (Loss; Beerus claims exhaustion; Wagashi is spared)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan/2/3) VS Legendary Super Saiyan (Wrath State/Super Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan) (Draw; Legendary Super Saiyan restrained and imprisoned in Hell)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan/Ultra) VS 1 Cell Jr (Won, Cell Jr. is killed)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan) VS 3 Cell Juniors (Loss, Kaestos is rendered unconscious)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan/2/3) VS Janemba (Original/Super) (Won; Janemba is exorcised by Hell Wardens)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan 2/3/Ascended Super Saiyan 3) VS Super Buu (Loss, Kaestos is killed alongside everyone on Earth when Super Buu destroys the planet)
  • Protectors of Earth VS World Trade Organization (Won)
  • Kaestos (Ultimate Super Saiyan) VS Final Form Freeza (30%/50%) (Loss)
  • Kaestos (Super Saiyan God 2) and Allie (Godly Majin) VS Supreme Zamasu (Super Saiyan White/SSW: Makaioshin) (Technical Victory; Kaestos is badly injured, Supreme Zamasu is defused after being briefly absorbed by Allie)
  • Kaestos (Beyond Saiyan God), Goku (Beyond Saiyan God), Future Trunks (Beyond Saiyan God), Gowasu, and Shin VS Zamasu (Spirit Form) (Pyrrhic Victory for the allied party: Zamasu's spirit is split into five; Future Earth's population is killed)


Due to being lazy while naming him, Kaestos is just an altered version of my username.

Kaestos is one of the older entities in Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Saiyan God at just over five million.

Since as of the Multiversal Tournament he was an Agent of Creation, Kaestos was not allowed to take part in the proceedings.

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