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This article, Kab Grace: Boyfriend, Brother, ....Amigo?, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.

episode infobox |series = DBLOK |creater = SandwichGuy649 |English title = Kab Grace: Boyfriend, Brother,...Amigo? |Japanese title = 地区のグレース:彼氏、兄弟、...アミーゴ? |episode number = 63 |English airdate = Fan Made |Manga chapters = Fan Made


When Brolla starts talking "street spanish" (speaking in hispanic vernacular), Kab first thinks she is "speaking in tongues" and tries an exorcism. Later, at Crazy's suggestion, Kab tries to get Brolla to connect with her European-Asian heritage, but a trip to the genealogical section of the library reveals the Grace family has a spanish ancestor, Alejandro. After Kab finds out from Ted's book on his family history that Alejandro was a undependent worker owned by his family, Kab demands reparations from Tourettes Steve, who gives him $20,000 never to mention the matter again. Kab squanders the money to convert the living room into a replica of a church, which angers his new hispanic brothers.

Meanwhile, after a football game, Android 9 becomes obsessed with the cheerleaders at Ryuu High School, because he believes they have mind control powers, having seen them pump up the audience, including himself. He begins following them and listening to their conversations to learn about their techniques, eventually adopting their ways, and even throwing up because he is "the cheerleading squad's blimp". While spying on the cheerleaders in the locker room at school, 9 hears the lead cheerleader, Kate yelling at the squad for messing up their pyramid during practice. He concludes that the pyramid is their source of power, so he plots to get rid of Kate to take her place at the top of the pyramid at the upcoming game.

At the game, Kab is ostracized by both the hispanic, asian and white communities, while 9 kidnaps Kate, binds her with rope, covers her mouth with duct tape, and hides her in the men’s bathroom. Dressed as Kate, he takes her position on top of the pyramid and attempts to control the audience, telling them to stab the coaches with knives. The pyramid falls and 9 drops the megaphone.

In the bathroom, Kab soon hallucinates about Alejandro, who teaches him not to matter that he has a spanish ancestor and encourages him to do something nice with the money.

Kab picks it up and announces to the audience that he realizes he made a mistake, and that he will be sharing his reparation money with his brothers, tossing the money onto the basketball court. When spanish, asian and white audience members grab the cash, Kab announces he meant it only for his spanish brothers.

In the closing scene, Mason Ezekiel finds Kate bound and gagged in the bathroom stall and is delighted, exclaiming “Dear Diary...SCORE!”