"Junior trained with beerus unlocking Super Saiyan 1 , 2 and 3 then he later got Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue , Junior one day decided to train with the Grand Priest which allowed him to achieve Super Saiyan Omega but Junior wanted to grow even stronger so he had to go to the one person who was strong enough to help him and that is Zalama the Dragon God he had begun his training there and recieved significant boosts in power but Junior still wasn't satistfied enough Zalama realized that Junior wouldn't ever be satisfied and yet he has been tought everything by Zalama so Zalama gave him his greatest possesion The Infinity RIng this ring gives the user Absoulte Immortality, Unlimited Strength, Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Dense Tissue ,Unlimited Invulnerability, Unlimited Ki,and Unlimited Speed and it is multiplied Unlimited fold meaning that it increases his Strength, Stamina, Dense Tissue and Invulnerability is being multiplied by Unlimited and it keeps multiplying for an Infinite amount ( basically it is like Unlimited x Unlimited x Unlimited x Unlimited x Unlimited and it keeps on going for an Infinite Amount )when Junior heard about this power he couldn't wait but Zalama told him not to use the ring unless he is desperate which he was when he was facing against the Saiyan God Kailber in a fighting arena because beerus decided that he was going to destroy earth only if Junior had lost against Kailber but he won against Kailber th earth is safe Junior wasn't even close to Kailber's Strength and was getting beaten over and over again until Junior remembered about The Infinity Ring he put it on just as Kailber was going to attack him Kailber was blown back as Junior put on the Infinity Ring a blue aura appears around him , suddenly a blue flame like beam emitting from Junior appears Kailber states it as "Infinite Energy" - shoots up into the sky , and blue colored clouds start to emerge they began to spread across the blue sky turning it purple eventually covering it completely after a few seconds the sea changes into a purple hue as well , becoming violent and forming huge whirlpools , Junior then stops the beam from emitting and then lights up the arena with his blue-hot ki , Junior then gathers the ki around him and Kailber sees an opening but decides not to attack Junior as Junior lets out an Incredible Roar which makes the arena so bright that it nearly blinds everyone as everything returns to normal Junior is cloaked in a black and white aura , walks towards Kailber and lands a few attacks of his own , allowing Kailber to cough out blood , the glow surrounding Junior's body clears to reveal his apperance Junior's hair becomes spiker and stands up more the eyes take on a more stern, defined shape, sporting sliver-colored irises and visible pupils, he possesses a shadow trim around his eyes and over the eyelids that varies in color , such as blue , he also becomes considerably larger in height and muscularity , his tail becomes sliver in color , his aura is blue but it takes a larger and denser nature to it just like Super Saiyan Blue Evolution but he doesn't have any particles emitting from his aura and Junior looks much younger ,Kailber is in shock and is also amazed On Zalama's Planet ,Zalama didn't tell Junior that the ring cannot be removed it is impossible for it to be removed not he can remove it the Ring is also unbreakable so it means he will be in his current condition forever Meanwhile, Junior was dodging all of Kailber's attacks , afterwards Kailber asks Junior to fight seriously " Ok but don't be suprised if i destroy you" Junior Said " If you want a good fight you'll do as i say " Kailber Said Junior uses his Instant Transmission to teleport behind Kailber and delivers a simple punch to the gut which sends Kailber flying through a wall in the arena Kailber comes out with blood coming down from his forehead , Junior then goes into his fighting stance as his theme song plays and Kailber powers up into a Super Saiyan Blue and tells Junior that he will regret mocking him Kailber unleashes a barrage of punches on Junior which only suceeded in Kailber hurting himself Junior laughs at Kailber as Kailber gets enraged and goes Super Saiyan Blue Evolution the same result occurs " You know you could just use your full power it would be better knowing that you tried your best instead of being humiliated in such a weak form like that " Junior Said " The only reason i don't use my full power is because it's too dangerous my power skyrockets and i can't control myself " Kailber Said " Do you honestly think i care just go beyond your limits and go full power on me already" Junior Said as Kailber warns Junior he goes full power which happens to be Super Saiyan Blanco Junior lands lots of powerful hits on Kailber all of Kailber's punches have absoultely no effect on Junior as Junior realizes this he mercilessly pummels Kailber into the ground over and over again until Junior unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks on Kailber sending him away giving Junior the chance to unleash his signature attack Zalama's strongest attack the Doomsday Crush but instead Junior combines the Doomsday Crush with his own strongest attack the Spiral Cannon so now it's the Spiral Crush which is an freakishly powerful ki wave the attack is bigger than a planet when it is launched the color of the attack is blue and emits particles from it symbolizing how insanely powerful it is , the Spiral Crush nearly obiliterates Kailber but instead it takes both of his arms and tells Junior that he surrenders Junior isn't happy about it but he sees that he defenseless and so he lets him surrender and heals him afterwards , regenerating his arms back as Junior returns back to earth after the match and goes back to Capsule Corp Junior tells his family that he won againist Kailber Beerus decided not to destroy afterwards Beerus also tells Junior that he can become a God of Destruction if he wants Junior rejects it because he doesn't want to be under the rule of the Omni-King as beerus leaves Junior continues his journey as the strongest warrior in existance after six years Junior learns all of his newfound abilites and masters them over time Junior and Caulifla become husband and wife but they cannot have a kid but it's impossible for Junior because he possesses the Infinity Ring and so Junior doesn't have a child but Junior has trained his wife to become stronger she is now able to access Super Saiyan Blue and combine Super Saiyan 4 along with it Currently Junior is a aloof and cold person but he is also very polite person as well when he is angry he tends to be bloodthristy, insanely violent , and agressive Junior rarely gets angry with Caulifa and treats her with lots of Love, Care and Respect Junior and Caulifa are usually shown getting into arguements with each other but they both care for each other very deeply Junior and Kale are good friends Junior trained Kale enough for her to unlock her Beserk Super Saiyan Blue form same with Cabba by training with Junior Cabba and Junior are Best Friends and always hang out with each other Gohan and Goten are his secondary best friends Goku is more of a mentor Vegeta wasn't always like a father he saw great potential in Junior but was too harsh with him Trunks is his younger brother and is always below him Krillin ,Roshi, Tien , Piccolo and Yamcha are his other friends and is always impressed with his power so really Junior has a great life and is always trying to be better than he already is "
— Prime Junior is the same person as Junior

he was born with a power level of 900,000,000 as a baby, which is incredible. Vegeta even tried to claim that Junior was truly the legendary Super Saiyan, but Bulma always interrupted him. Either way, he was the strongest Saiyan. He was originally kidnapped by a Frieza Race character named Kanja, who adopted him and brought him to a different planet.

Infinity Ring's other abilities

. Alteration- type ki manipulation

. Kai Kai

. Magic Materialization

. Enhanced Hearing

. Unlimited Vision

. Telepathy

. Healing

. Unable make someone pregnant

. Unlimited Intelligence

. Foresight

. Tempature Immunity

. Unlimited Lung Capacity

. Telekinesis

Dragon Ball Z ( before he was in Super)

When Junior was younger he was still incredibly strong he had learned how to use the Ikari/ Wrathful form on his own without losing control , he had also learned Super Saiyan 1, 2 and 3 by training in the gravity chamber and even had his potential unlocked by the Old Kai which gave him a multiplier of 999 Centillion and gave him no stamina issues at all and it barely drains ki , The Form gives Junior a big change in apperance it gives him Green Hair, And Saiyan in this state also possesses a shadow trim around their eyes and over the eyelids that varies in color, such as Green. The hair becomes wilder, while two long pointed bangs of hair appear on both sides of the neck. It also makes Junior considerably larger in height and muscularity., it makes Junior very cold and aggressive. when Junior uses this form he loses some of his rationality and also Junior's voice becomes slightly deeper. it boasts a vibrant, fiery, electric green aura, and with yellow eyes Junior calls this form Super Saiyan Equinox

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