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The last surviving full-blooded Vectorian. He is the brother of Gan and the great-grandfather of Jin Jr.


Jin was born at around the same time as Goten, Trunks, Viper, and Mamba. His parents aren't known, but it is known that he has a brother. When Jin and his brother were both old enough, they enlisted in the Vectorian Military Force, and were stationed on Earth. When the threat of Majin Buu rose, King Wei recalled Gan and Jin from Earth. After Earth was wished back, they were told to watch over the Saiyans that saved Earth. When the Pyrite Saiyan forces invade Earth and took Goku and Vegeta, it was Jin that informed their family and friends. After he is called back to Vector, he and his unit are the first to be deployed of the Vectorian forces.


He tends to be light-hearted and kind. But, he can kill in cold-blood, like his brother. When it comes to food, he has shown an apetite biggger even than Goku's. After the destruction of Vector and the death of his brother and race, he harbors malice against the Pyrite Saiyans, especially Viper. As such, he confronts her, as well as her family and friends until the end of the PPW series. His patience is often tested and he hardly ever shows mercy at this point. In the last saga, he reconciles with Viper after she apologizes, and settles into obscurity.


Skin Color: Blue

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.

Weight: 235 lbs.

Hair Color: Rainbow

Eye Color: Red

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Galactic Cannon
  • Super Strike
  • Thunder Maker
  • Burning Shot