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The Time Guardians:[]

They are a group of beings that were created by the Daikaiju's remaining energy, wh


Jikan Hogo-sha Kanji Insignia

o watch over our world and take care of the evil fruit of the tree. Instead of using Ki, they manipulate the energy know as Qigong to achieve their goals. Their number and true intentions remains unknow but they seem to be recruting warriors strong enough to protect the tree from mysterious forces. Their apparent leader is an old sage know as Jikanou, the group lives in a place low below dimensions, know as Vector of Infinity. They appear in Dragon Ball : AF Continues.

Know Members:[]

  • Pauline: A girl that strongly resembles Goku, easily gets angry and enjoys teasing people and eating candies. Posses healing and restoing abilities.
  • Tomeiiro: An exact copy of Goku, know for his calm attitud and piercing glance. Posses the ability to open time and dimensional gates, know as Kimon gates and is a master in defensive tactics.
  • Jikanou: The leader of the group, an old man who is obssesed with tea, shows extreme control of Qigong, his age is a secret guarded by him.


  • Jikan Hogo-sha is the japanese for "Time Guardian".
  • Pauline shares her name with the original Donkey Kong character: Pauline, the lady who Mario has to rescue.
  • Tomeiiro is a pun from Tomato.
  • Jikanou literaly means "King of Time".