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"Ginyu force's Red magma! Jeice"
— Jeice striking a pose

"Stupid brat, Recoome did the same to her father in my time"
— Jeice mocking a near dead Pan from Vegito universe

"O_o Um sorry master"
— Bartek being pissed at Jeice


Jeice is a member of the Ginyu force and a servent to Freeza, in BH's fanfics he serve Prince Bartek after being brouth back to life

Post BH sagaEdit

He was brouth back to life by BH and the Saiyan twins went to hell to bring him back, he became friends with Skel and does poses for the prince himself which he likes (unlike his family)

BH game 3Edit

He mocks Pan, that Recoome done the same to her father years ago after Bardock owned her, to which prince Bartek doesn't like

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