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This article, Jello, is a work of humor, and is not in any way intended by the author to be taken seriously.

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Vegeta eating a tasty treat

The woman slowly poured the red liquid into the round container, careful to not let any of the precious liquid escape from the vicinity of the bowl. She then picked up the bowl and brought it to the refrigerator and placing the bowl within she closed the door.

Half an hour later the woman pulled out the bowl and examined its contents. She noticed that the once liquid was now firm and fixed. She placed the bowl on the counter and reached up into the cabinet and pulled out a large plate.

She put the bowl upside-down on the plate and shook it slightly. She smiled when she heard the soft squelching sound that came from the bowl. She removed the bowl and smiled down at her creation.

“It’s finally done!” Bulma said excitedly, as she looked upon the jiggley red blob of Jello on the plate. She set down the plate and went to fetch her mother.

Vegeta walked into the kitchen having just woken up. He was pissed. His worthless shit load of an alarm clock decided to give out and die that morning and he slept in, missing out on important training time. He was also very hungry.

He opened the fridge and looked for something edible. He was about to grab the ham and cheese to make himself a sandwich when his sensitive nose detected a peculiar smell.

“What the hell is that?” He said, taking another deep breath to pull in the scent. He stood upright and looked around.

He followed his nose to the counter and spotted the translucent mass of red. “What the hell?” Vegeta leaned close and sniffed the blob and, his nose scrunched up at the strong scent bombarding his nose. If it was in the kitchen it must be food… He opened the drawer that contained the silverware and pulled out a spoon. He scrutinized the blob and then poked it quickly.

He wrenched his hand away when the thing jiggled. “It’s worse than Bunny’s thighs!” he exclaimed.

He leaned forward and poked it again. Then he delved the spoon into it and scooped out a small bit of the red… stuff.

“He brought it to his face, sniffed it once more and then stuffed the spoon in his mouth.

“God this tastes like shit…”

Just a little one shot to add humor to my list of fics!