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Manga name Jaza (English version)
Jeiza (Japanese Version)
Alternate names Super Jaza
False Frieza
Debut Dragon Ball AF
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 815
Date of death Age 815 (Separated)
Affiliations Bardock (Father of Absorbee)
  • Gine (Mother of Absorbee)
  • King Cold (Father of Absorbee)
  • Goku (Brother of Absorbee)
  • Cooler (Brother of Absorbee)
  • Raditz (Brother of Absorbee)
  • Amin (Son of Absorbee)
  • Iron (Son of Absorbee)
  • Kuriza (Son of Absorbee)
  • "Let's see what's a good name for Jamie and Frieza? Jaza is alright, I admit I was worried by the results it looks alright, but I guess I could be a bit more better looking."
    — Jaza introducing himself.

    Jaza (ジェイザ, Jeiza) is the Warp form of Jamie and Frieza.


    Jaza was a absorption used by Jamie and Frieza, though it was against Frieza's will. He was able become into a stronger character during the Fallen Angel Saga.


    Since Jaza was the initiator, his heart is completely pure, and He personality his solely that of Jamie's personality.


    Jaza's appearance takes on similarities of both Frieza and Jamie. However, his hair style is similar to Vegeta's, complete with the widow's peak. Frieza's purple spots have changed to Saiyan colour, and Frieza's skin colour is seen with his tail being Frieza's. He lacks eyebrows, and his eyes are coloured red. He also becomes the same height as Jamie.


    List of techniques by Jaza


    Super Saiyan[]

    Jaza can easily transform into a Super Saiyan, and like all Super Saiyans he has blond hair and blue eyes. But because of the lack eyebrows, he doesn't have blond eyebrows.

    Frieza's Race Fifth Form[]

    This form is Jaza's most powerful. He gets taller, and four horns grow out of his head and form a crown, with his Super Saiyan hair protrudes at the back. His deltoid covers evolve into shoulder bows, and two small spike grows from his forearm covers. He gets purple spots on his legs and arms and his tail becomes fully like Frieza's race gets a white spike; the purple spot in Frieza's final form has now become a full oval on his crown. His face is masked by a visor that covers all except his new pupil-less blue eyes, sometimes casting a shadow on it. Unlike Frieza's transformations which suppress his power (or release it depending on which form he transforms to), this transformation augments it.

    Super Saiyan God Golden Jaza[]

    Ultimate Evolution Super Saiyan Super God Super Saiyan

    While in his Fifth Form, he powers up both his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form, and his Ultimate Evolution. While in this form the user's eye ridge become visibly pronounced and skin turns purple with their biological armor changes color, in Frieza's case gaining a glimmering golden hue.


    Despite being created through Warp, a technique complete rewrites the targets biology to be back the User's biology, however they absorb the targets abilities, and becomes user's new ability; this enables Jaza to use Frieza's Race transformation despite the fact that the result of Warp rewrote Jaza into a Full-Blood Saiyan.


    • Jaza is Warp transformation a technique that absorbs the user into the target, therefore Frieza is biological rewritten into a Saiyan. This means he is neither a fusion nor a Hybrid. Whereas Vegetunks is a mutual transformation, and can become both Saiyan-Human, or Full-Blooded Saiyan.