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Jake Martin is a tween, supposed to be a adult. His age limit was cut of because of his genes being connected to Goku. When Goku was wished back as a kid, so was he.


Ginduki was so pressed about Huji's rebellion, he used Bardock's, Vegeta's, and Goku's dna to create a clone. It was contained until Planet Vegeta's Destruction. Ginduki sent it to the last capsule pod. Jake was sent to Earth, and apparently Shenron was just about to leave after his 3 wishs. Jake was sucked into Shenron's home and was back in child form (in reality: 56). Shenron let Jake train under his title " The Starkiller".


Kamehameha- charges an attack and fires it in a form of a energy beam

Ki Blast- weakest form of an eneergy wave

Kaio-Ken- Calls upon his dark side and is surrounded by red energy

Rein-Ray- A purple shield lasting for 30 minutes

Potara Energy (former)- Can call upon energy from his potara earrings


Super Saiyan-Jen 4- Becomes a Great Ape and and back to a human to contain his Ape-self.

Full Potiential- After his training with Shenron, his full power in his base form is now finally unlocked.

Evil SSJ

The dark powers revealed


The power within