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Jago (edited)

"Is that all ya got?"
— Jago to Sai

Jago is the third most powerful member of Icer's Squadron, after all the Soldiers Icer sent to kill Shoran and his friends Icer sent his Squadron to kill them. Jago fought Sai and had the upperhand until Sai killed him with his signature move The Purple Lighning Ball.


Absolutely nothing is know about Jago's past, after Lord Icer's Soldiers were killed by Shoran and his friends Icer sent his Squadron to kill Shoran. Okumo battled Ray and was killed, Mako and Maka were killed by Tobi, Shakra was killed by Shoran, and Jago was chosen to fight Sai at first he was overwhelming Sai until Sai used his signature attack The Purple Lightning Ball which completey disintergrated Jago.


Jago is the tallest of the group and the most musculat, he has wild blonde hair, he wore white and green armour along with a green scouter.


Jago is ruthless but he's also really stupid.


Monster Slam- This attack is perfomed when Jago grabs him opponents head and slams them into the ground. he used this attack against Sai.

Monster Punch- This attack is performed when Jago charges his opponent and pucnhes them in the stomach and then sends them flying into the air.

Monster Defense- This is a defensive move performed when Jago breathes a large amount of air causing him to expand making him immune to any physical attack.

Monster Charge- This attack is performed when Jago charges his energy and charges his opponent like a missile and deals alot of damage on impact. Jago tried to use this to finish off Sai but Sai suprised him with his Purple Lightning Ball and killed him.