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Jack is a fan-made Saiyan teen made in the game "Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi". He is a heavy hero. He has the "Evil" voice, which is done by Joel McDonald, who is known for his work on Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple.


Due to being a heavy character, he is pretty tall. He wears Native Costume 2 with a gray bottom, jewelry, and shoes with gold spots. He has black hair with a shine of brown in it. He has the Short hair. Of course, he has the traditional Saiyan tail which he wears around his waist like a belt.


Since he has the Evil voice, he is selfish and not very compassionate. He has no care for innocents that get harmed, though he is not in any way "evil".

Signature Techniques[]

He has many techniques, though he uses some more frequently. Such as the Double Eraser Cannon, Volcano Explosion, and Kamehameha. As ultimates, he uses Grand Smasher, Nappa (Jack) Cannon, and Solar Kamehameha.