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Featured in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten
Discovered by Frieza's Empire
Discovery site Inner Sanctum, Planet Frieza 001
Discovery date September 30th, Age 612
Pronunciation eek-shee-uh
Adjective Iyxianian
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 345.22 d
Satellites 1
Satellite names Shizelna
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 6527.4 km
Polar radius 6505.6 km
Surface area 32.8% land
67.2% water
Mass 3.26873×1025 kg
5.47 M
Equatorial surface gravity 51.202347 m/s2
5.221 g
Axial tilt 22.31°
Surface temperature
Minimum −35.2 °C
Mean 28.1 °C
Maximum 72.7 °C
Composition 63.39% nitrogen (N2)
32.75% oxygen (O2)
1.27% argon
1.16% carbon dioxide (CO2)
1.15% xenon
0.28% trace elements
Sentient Species Iyxans
Sentient species 1 population 0
Number of major cities 15
Technology level Tier 6

Iyxia is a free world. It is the homeworld of the Iyxans.


Iyxia was an arid planet with few forests or oceans. As the Iyxans evolved on the planet, they became barbarous and warlike. Wars between rival factions often lasted hundreds of years, persisting through generations and generations of combatants. These skirmishes ravaged the landscape of the planet, making it even less hospitable. Much of the land became completely barren and unusable for farming or living. By the time the Frieza's Empire located the planet, the Iyxans had warred themselves into near-extinction. Where once their planet could support a population in the billions, constant destruction had made much of the world unlivable.

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten's first special, Outbreak: Paved in Blood took place on this planet. It detailed of The Benefactor's and showed how the constant interspecies warring had devastated the planet. At the end of the special, The Benefactor came into contact with the Planet Trade Organization and joined their ranks. Before he left the planet with them, however, he created an attacked called the Planet Buster. The energy attack detonated just after the group left the planet, destroying it completely.

Notable facts[]

  • Iyxia was destroyed in the same manner as Lauto's Planet. Both were destroyed by The Benefactor's Planet Buster attack.
  • Iyxia was never taken over by the Planet Trade Organization. Despite their armies destroying the last city on Iyxia, they did not formerly annex it before The Benefactor destroyed his homeworld.
  • Named Iyxans born on this planet include: The Benefactor, The Benefactor's Mother, Master Loriphim, Ayale, Nico, and Igear.


  • Iyxia's Iyxan population:
    • At height: 6,211,376,045.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Iyxia was destroyed by The Benefactor with his Planet Buster technique.

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