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He is a son of Frieza and one of the Sons of Frieza.

Dragonball Dark Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: The Third Child
Birthplace: Planet Frieza
Power level:
Homeworld: Planet Frieza
Species: Frieza's Species
Gender: Male
Height: 8'4 feet
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Posting: Planet Frieza
Position: The Third Brother
Rank: 3rd
Mother: Unknown
Father: Frieza
Brother(s): Blizzrok, Crioza, Avalazar, Snuflayk
Paternal Grandfather: King Cold
Personal Weapons Systems
Cybernetic Systems: Legs and arms
Chronological & Political Information
Allies: The Sons of Frieza
Enemies: Goku


He looks like Frieza in his 3rd Form, except his purple chestgem is more extravagant, he has three horns, and more crazier eyes.

He has his lower body and arms replaced with cybernetics, due to Frieza's rage.

His shoulder plates are more jagged.


He is incredibly animalistic, running on his four legs when in combat. He uses his claws to attack, making him seem more barbaric.

He hardly says anything, always growling and roaring. When he does talk, it is usually one-words.


He is the son of Frieza and a single concubine, along with his four brothers.

When he was five, he got his father angry, nearly killing him. He was rebuilt, but left his psyche a living mess.

When Frieza died, he was given a portion of Frieza's empire. He wishes to fight Goku, and kill all who are related to him.

Powers & Abilities[]

Ki Usage: He is able to use ki abilities.

Flight: He is able to fly with ki.

Incredible Speed: He is able to fight in incredible speeds, able to attack without being seen, just because he is that fast.

Ki Attacks: He is able to use ki attacks:

Ki Blasts: He is able to throw ki blasts as attacks.
Explosive Wave: He is able to use a shield around him to portect him from attacks.
Death Beam: He is able to use his father's favored attack.
Death Beam Barrage: He is able to shoot out over fifty death beams in ten seconds.
Death Blade: He is able to create energy blades from his hand for powerful cutting attacks.
Death Ball: He is able to shoot out his father's signature attack.
Bros. Death Ball: He is able to create a death ball, with the help of his brothers, the size of Earth's moon and the cabability to destroy the sun.