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Anime name Ipp, Beats
Manga name Beats Ipp
Alternate names Artificial Monster, Saiyan Human, Human Invention
Debut DBZ New Saiyan Age Saga
Appears in DBZ (BurningCow)
Race Human, Artificial Saiyan
Ipp is a student of Goku and also he claims the title of The Successor Of Goku even though Uub was Goku`s best student. Ipp was once a mutated project of Professor Bazooka and then later on he achieves the form of a Super Saiyan for having a mutated Saiyan bloodline. He also becomes a monster Saiyan when he can`t control himself ( because of a side effect on the project) and this transformation can also occur when he sees the moon explaining his Great Ape form is replaced by this. He goes on many adventures with Goku and fights the bad guys with the other students too.
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