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Solara, Rubican System
Age 739
Form of Government
Miller (Age 747 - Present)
  • Ranger Corp.
  • Fencer Strike Force
  • Affiliation

    The Interspecies Republic is a galactic government with a sole purpose to bring order in a universe of chaos; Mirror universe. It was first a small rebellion that rose to power and became recognized in the galaxy. They are also mortal enemies of Interstellar Empire. They fight an on-going war against the empire to stop their atrocities.

    History[edit | edit source]

    The Republic was founded by Miller in Age 739. It started as a well-organized rebellion with undercover operatives posing as imperial officers and soldiers in the Interstellar Empire. With that difficult mission the operatives were able to steal secret schematics and technology the Empire had in store. They used this to better their technology and resources.

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