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Initiative The initiative
  • Planet Earth, Arcadia, Greenland
  • Planet Sadala, New Arcadia
  • Established
    February 28, 2019 (Earth, Age 158)
    March 6, 2199 (Sadala Age 338)

    The Initiative was a advance organization that was formed on earth for the colonization of the newly discovered planet Sadala.

    Kinergy CataclysmEdit

    Izumo PlanEdit

    The Initiative devoted all of its resource to for colonization to the New Planet. The United Nations fully supported the plan and build a list of candidates to be colonist. The plan was that the first colonist would establish settlement on the planet while back on Earth, they would begin to build more ships to take more people to the planet. This operation was later called the Izumo Plan. The plan was to send one-way colony ship to establish base of operation and to secure the planet giving the green light for colonization The an two-way Starship would Ferry more people to the new planet. The first colony ship called New Generation was finish and prep for take off, while the Event Horizon was under construction. On the first ship, 14,539 chosen civilians and 100 Initiative staff boarded the New Generations. Unfortunately, Tiffany Sadala succumbed to the sickness before launch and Simon Smith took over as head administrator and continued the mission. On November 12, 2026, the New Generation launches to Sadala. However the launch released massive loads of Kinergy Radiation that accelerated the cataclysmic changes and spread of the sickness.

    Initiative on EarthEdit

    Dragon PlanEdit

    After the launch of the New Generations, the Event Horizon was schedule to launch in 2 years, but it was cancelled when the Cataclysm accelerated and the Death toll of the Sickness skyrocket. Realizing that resources was need to save as many lives as possible. Simon formulates the Dragon Plan. He discovered a area of land in middlewest hemisphere that was unaffected by the cataclysm and free of Sickness. He named the place "Dragonland". With the support of the United Nation, People that were first affected by the cataclysm were evacuated to the area. Scientist have discover a way to make people immune to the sickness, sadly it was too late for those already infected, but those who were not became carriers.

    Initiative on SadalaEdit

    Rise of the SaiyansEdit

    Tuffle invasionEdit

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