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Infinite Tamasu

Mugen Tamasu
Manga name Infinite Tamas
Alternate names Infinite Tamas
Debut Fanga: "Tale of Two Coolers Saga
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/2 Shinjin-1/2 Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of death Age 796 (Erased from existence with Time Fragment)
Affiliations Tamasu (prior-incarnation)

Infinite Tamasu is the final incarnation of Zamasu and is result of Future Zamasu's immortality merging EX Gogeta God and Future Zamasu permanently on a cellular level and his regeneration going into overdrive.

Biography Edit

Infinite Tamasu emerges after Gogito slashes Tamasu and cuts him in half with his Spirit Sword and proceeds to battle against the Gogito. As their battle continues on and manages to battle to point that he is forced to use Super Saiyan Blue and unleash God Final Kamehameha.

Techniques Edit

  • Immortality
    • Regeneration
      • Cloning
  • Ultimate Black Kamehameha
  • Last Judgement
  • Energy Shield
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