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The Incarnation Dragons (化身ドラゴンズ, Keshin Doragonzu) are seven dragons made by the seven most powerful wishes made on the Dragon Balls made by Heel. They each represent one of seven elements (air, water, earth, fire, lightning, time and space). They live in the World of Eternal Dragons.

List of Incarnation Dragons[]

Interestingly, the first letters of the seven's names together form SHENRON, the original dragon made by the Dragon Balls. In order, there names are

  • Supesu Shenron (space)
  • Hi Shenron (fire)
  • Ea Shenron (air)
  • Herudenkei Shenron (lightning)
  • Rekinen Shenron (time)
  • Oshan Shenron (water)
  • Neicha Shenron (earth)