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Featured in Destroyer of Universes (mentioned)
Pronunciation ih-nahn
Adjective Inani
Parent star type B-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 574.3 d
Satellites 4
Satellite names Shuno, Hokibo, Kanjai, Mosu
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 6428.2 km
Polar radius 6406.7 km
Surface area 62.7% land
37.3% water
Mass 4.3718×1025 kg
7.32 M
Equatorial surface gravity 70.61 m/s2
7.2 g
Axial tilt 24.33°
Surface temperature
Minimum -126.6°
Mean 13.7°
Maximum 153.1°
Composition 54.78% Argon
41.06% oxygen (O2)
3.08% neon
0.97% chlorine (Cl2)
0.11% trace elements
Sentient Species Inari
Sentient species 1 population 2,596,386,028
Number of major cities 187
Technology level Tier 2

Inan is a free world. It is home to the Inari species.


Inan was a temperate world located in the far northeastern area of the universe, notable for its mountainous, foggy, forest-covered surface. Its dual oceans comprised the areas around the north and south pole, with the five continents and thousands of smaller islands laid out almost like a belt around the planet. The Inari evolved on Inan over the past several hundred thousand years.

By Before Age 122,000, cities had begun sprouting up around the planet, although its mountainous features prevented many communities from easily intermingling and trading amongst each other.

By Before Age 50,000, Wiyu was codified; in a few hundred years, as Inari with two, three, and even four tails began popping up, the philosophy became a staple practice of all those who lived on Inan. Over time, sects developed around Inari, such as Maloani, Ijo, (and much later) Sharu-Kan, who had achieved the extremely rare feat of unlocking all nine of their tails. These three great temples became the most important gathering places on the planet.

The Inari were space-faring by Before Age 48,000. However, there was never any attempt by the species to expand their reach to other planets. They did engage in trade with other planets, but did not do this frequently. As Inari could survive in space without needing to breath, it was expected that most if not all of them would spend some time away from their homeworld. However, it was not common for them to go off and never return. For this reason, while Inari could be uncommonly encountered in space, across the entire universe, it was far more rare for them to actively spend the rest of their lives away from Inan.

Inan was known to much of the universe. Both the Galactic Bank and Planet Trade Organization were aware of the planet's location, but no efforts to conquer it were ever made, as the planet had gained a notorious reputation following the spread of Wiyu, which had significantly raised the average power level of each Inari.

Notable facts[]

  • Sharu-Kan, the third Inari to master Wiyu, was alive as of Age 778, though he spent the majority of his time off-world as an active master of the Venyi Academy. He still visited his temple on Inan occassionally.
  • Okinaro, a member of the Starchasers, was born on Inan. He was, however, banished from his homeworld in Age 341.
  • Master Niyen was the last leader of the Sharu-Kan Temple (when Sharu-Kan was unavailable).
  • Master Nozari was the last leader of the Ijo Temple.
  • There was never a head priest of the Maloani Temple, though the sect still attracted many thousands of followers.


  • Inan's native population:
    • At height: 2,596,386,028.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Inan is still around.

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